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  1. nelsone

    Western Red Cedar in Charlotte?

    Does anyone know where I can find some 5/4 Western Red Cedar in the Charlotte area? I have been asked to build a couple Adirondack chairs and plan to use cedar.
  2. nelsone

    Segmented Bowl

    Hello everyone! Been quite a while since I've done any woodwork so since I finally completed something I thought I'd share. This is my first attempt at a segmented turning and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. Merry Christmas to All!
  3. nelsone

    Painted Cabinet

    My wife wanted a cabinet in our master bath so after several months I finally finished it. This was my first attempt with milk paint and I thought it was fun to work with. The cabinet is brown on black and cream inside. The top is some spalted ambrosia maple that I've had for several years, dyed...
  4. nelsone

    Sawstop - Ruining America

    Brian Boggs posted this on FB. Too funny not to share!
  5. nelsone

    Bird Carving

    Several folks have seen this on FB, but I had to try out the new site! I started this a couple years ago and finally finished it up as a gift to my Dad's sister. It is set up to hang on the wall. Hope you like it!
  6. nelsone

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all my WW'ing friends on NCWW. There have been a lot of beautiful projects created over the year! I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday!
  7. nelsone

    Lazy Susan WIP

    Making a few of these for Christmas presents. Nothing like cutting it to the last minute! Should finish up tomorrow. View image in gallery
  8. nelsone

    In case you guys thought I quit WW'ing...

    Here's a tray I put together for a good friends wedding shower. I did the rose over a year ago with the intent of using it in a different project.
  9. nelsone

    Duplicator work needed

    Does any have a duplicator that some extra cash? The lady who makes these dog beds needs someone to make the feet. If you are interested PM me and I'll put you in touch with her. Don't know the volume.
  10. nelsone

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Here's wishing everyone here a safe and happy Christmas!
  11. nelsone

    Anyone in Clt have a lathe duplicator?

    I do some small projects for a lady in Charlotte that needs a semi steady flow of turned feet for some boxes she makes. I tried some freehand, but my defect rate will be too high! I haven;t talked price or qty yet. Anyone interested? Makes for a little tool money!
  12. nelsone

    3k - wow!

    You guys and gals have sure to me ramble a lot!
  13. nelsone

    Marquetry Rose

    Don't know what I'm going to do with this yet, but here is my latest piece. I will use is as an inlay for something.
  14. nelsone

    A question about questions and answers

    In light of a couple current threads I have a question (remember "there are no stupid questions!:cool:) about answers! If someone responds to a question with an indirect answer does that make it a bad answer? What if they don't give an answer but help lead you down a path to find the answer? If...
  15. nelsone

    Couple more trays!

    Here are a couple more serving trays I made for Christmas presents. Both of the panels are veneered over BB ply. This one is Cherry with cherry veneer and maple burl veneer. The banding is from This one is Walnut with walnut and sapele veneer. This banding is also from...
  16. nelsone

    Another Tray Panel

    This one is cherry and maple veneer with federal banding. I thought the card scraper shavings were really cool! I love a sharp scraper!
  17. nelsone

    Compass Rose Tray

    Finally finished my Dad's Christmas present for this year. Still have a few more to do, but they aren't this complicated! Let me know your thoughts! The tray is walnut, the oval is bubinga, the stringing is courtesy of Mr. Furjanic, and the rose is maple and ...(I still can't remember the name...
  18. nelsone

    Compass Rose (progress pics added)

    Thought I'd share the progress on my latest project. This is the panel for another serving tray. It is wetted down with some DNA for the pic. Panel is walnut, the oval is bubinga, and the rose is maple and :icon_scra I can't remember. I hope to put some stringing around the oval tonight (wish me...
  19. nelsone

    Rikon Bandsaw Questions

    I spent the other night setting up my new bandsaw and was quite pleased with the machine. I even managed to slice a nice thin veneer off a 6x12 piece of cherry. I didn't have a chance to play with it last night. Tonight I re-tensioned the blade and basically needed to reset the tracking and...
  20. nelsone

    Had to jump on the bandwagon!

    The Woodcraft deal on the Rikon bandsaw was too good for me to pass up. Sold my old bandsaw for a major upgrade. Based on everyone's comments I think I will be quite happy!

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