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  1. rick7938

    Anyone near Asheville that can hollow grind my chisels?

    +1 I've put my Veritas Sharpening Guide in the box and sharpen mine like Paul. The chisels and plane blades are at least as sharp as ever, and the process is a lot faster.
  2. rick7938

    Free HF compressor (needs some work)

    It probably has a blown head gasket like mine did. Just remove the head, scrape off the old gasket, replace head gasket with a little silicone, and it will probably work fine. Mine has worked 3 years after my repair.
  3. rick7938

    Removing Book Bindings

    I've used a belt sander in the past. Seemed to work fine at the time, after removing the hard spine, of course. Let us know how it works out.
  4. rick7938

    Laser guide add-on for drill press?

    I use the one on mine for realigning the hole in the middle of the table, but nothing else. I would take mine off, but it is also used to mount the depth stop.
  5. rick7938

    Creole Style hall table

    Absolutely beautiful. Infinitely nicer than the Creole tables that I saw while stationed in Louisiana - concrete blocks with MDF tops. LOL. Excellent work you did. Enjoy.
  6. rick7938

    New table saw

    This, and don't rely on a stop. Use a square every time IMHO.
  7. rick7938

    Bedrock 605 1/2

    The wife just surprised me with the six different grits of the 3" X 8" DMT continuous grit sharpeners. She got tired of hearing me complain about what a pain sharpening was using sandpaper. I love them so far. She got them all on Amazon Prime. Good luck on your decision.
  8. rick7938

    Wood for English Longbow

    My son has presented me with a new challenge. He was a pretty accomplished archer with a recurve bow 20-30 years ago, but he wants to get back into archery using a traditional English Longbow. I believe that I will have to laminate a couple of different woods to achieve a suitable combination of...
  9. rick7938

    **MADE MY DECISION** Opinions on cordless drills

    Re: Opinions on cordless drills I'm still using my first 12 volt Dewalt cordless from many years ago. I have added a couple more 12 volts Dewalts that use the same batteries. They are all I need for woodworking and around the house. The battery packs can be rebuilt for about $35 at Batteries...
  10. rick7938

    Building Pharaoh's Chariot

    We just got rid of our last horse. Believe me, it would be a lot easier on you pulling it yourself. Now I have time for woodworking instead of fence mending, pasture cutting, barn repair, hay hauling, etc. LOL. Happy Days.
  11. rick7938

    Using the whole sanding disc

    Yes. I learned this trick from watching an episode of "The Three Stooges." Very educational program.
  12. rick7938

    Sandpaper Adhesive for Scary Sharp

    Didn't realize Klingspor sold the fine grits in PSA. Ordered some while still free shipping offered. The PSA works great on on the glass plate. Thanks for the info, Steve
  13. rick7938

    Sandpaper Adhesive for Scary Sharp

    Good suggestion. Should get rid of the lumps.
  14. rick7938

    Sandpaper Adhesive for Scary Sharp

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried the water, but without a lot of luck. Maybe if I let the paper soak a while or put in a little liquid soap to break the surface tension of the water it will help. Anyway, thanks to all and I will keep you advised of my luck.
  15. rick7938

    Sandpaper Adhesive for Scary Sharp

    Has anyone found an adhesive better than the 3M spray for sticking the strips of wet/dry sandpaper to the flat surface, in my case 1/2-in plate glass? Sometimes the 3M spray feels a little lumpy under the paper. Thanks for any new ideas.
  16. rick7938

    Need help identifying this plane

    Wards also had the twisted adjuster, but they generally had the Wards name on the cap.
  17. rick7938

    Excellent blade cleaner

    Since I am in no hurry to clean my blades, I just soak overnight with baking soda. I clean them after every project so don't get a lot of buildup except when I saw SYP - what a mess, but it cleans up over night too.
  18. rick7938

    What do you dis/like about your shop apron?

    Mine is a $4 special from Harbor Freight, green in color, and works fine for me. I use it all the time.
  19. rick7938

    Renovating Workshop - Couple of Qustions

    Just finished insulating and installing window AC in workshop. Getting ready to build new cabinets on each end of workshop. Question: Should I build the shelves 12" deep or 16" deep? With 16" shelves, I am afraid that stuff will get lost behind other stuff. Question: What is a good,small...
  20. rick7938

    Gasoline Powered Generator to LP?

    Anyone converted their gasoline powered generator to LP? How do you like it? Who can do it here in NC? I have a Coleman Powerback 5500 watt generator with Tecumseh 10 hp pull-start motor. I start it once a month, but it can still be a pain to start occasionally. I am hoping that with LP, it...

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