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  1. jglord

    Slot cutting bit - 1/8" cutting height, LESS than 1 7/8" diameter

    check out the whiteside slot and undercut bit - it looks like the bit you are using but is 3/4" diameter bit is bottom right of page 17
  2. jglord

    Removing rust

    I agree with Mike if the rust is cosmetic. You will be removing metal, but if the rust is light you won't be removing much. These processes are definitely the easiest. If removing the rust is significant then go with the electrolytic process. This process actually turns the rust back to...
  3. jglord

    Veterans Day Roll Call

    USN 1968 - 1972 USMC 1971 I was trained and served as a Navy Corpsman and did a tour with Hospital Company 3rd Marine Division I had an experience similar to boardSmith when traveling around but also when I was medivaced back on a big C-141 Starlifter into Andrews and then on to Philadelphia...
  4. jglord

    14" Rikon bandsaw...slight table vibrations

    One other thing you might consider is calling Rikon. I have called them several times for various customers and they have always been very helpful. If replacement parts are needed, they get them out to you very quickly. You seem to be covering all the bases but maybe there is something they...
  5. jglord

    Completed Maple and Cherry Tool Cabinet

    Very, very nice work and it looks great too.
  6. jglord

    Blind Woodworker in Fayetteville, NC - Ron White

    I know of three other blind woodworkers. I consider Bob Kennedy a friend. See his web site here - Bob and his good friend Glen have been fairly regular demonstrators of wood turning at the Raleigh Woodcraft. Several years ago they were demonstration...
  7. jglord

    I have a new job!

    This really great news Tom. I hope it works out to be even better than you thought. Best of luck!:icon_cheers
  8. jglord

    Fine Woodworking Magazine

    As of now, I only get the paper copy but based on comments here, I'm going to look into adding a digital copy. Having one of my favorite magazines with me when I need something to read sounds great. Thanks to all for question and comments.:)
  9. jglord

    End-grain cutting board

    Folks are probably correct. The moisture will cause problems, but it is hard to say how soon. I messed-up the bread board ends on a table and it took quite a few years for the ends to split. By that time circumstances had changed (3 children added to our crew ;-) ) and the table had been...
  10. jglord

    Another opportunity to volunteer CANCELLED

    Re: Another opportunity to volunteer Thanks for holding a TTT close-by. I'd like to attend as a trainee.
  11. jglord

    Looking for a new job!

    Tom, I'm sorry to hear you're unemployed - hopefully it will be a short one! I wonder if there might be some networking opportunities at the Lie-Nielsen road-show tomorrow at NC State Arts center. Go to Lie-nielsen sight for times, etc. Good luck
  12. jglord

    wrought iron coffee table legs

    Try these folks - they are actually an old foundry still operating today. I have a thick cherry slap on an old cast iron stove wood stove base from these folks a long time ago.
  13. jglord

    New Bass Guitar Build

    I agree with everyone else - the bass is beautiful. Your photo essay of the build is amazing. You've practically but a how-to manual. With an understanding of the work to complete each step one could build a similar instrument - probably no where near as pretty as yours!:icon_cheers
  14. jglord

    MWTCA meeting in Hillsborough 1/14 - Who's going?

    I'd like to attend and am off this Saturday. Will you please post directions or a link to where I might find same. Are you willing to sponsor a non-member?:help:
  15. jglord

    Who am I?

    First - many of you in the eastern part of NC may know me as John at the Woodcraft store in Raleigh. :eusa_danc My primary interest is in furniture making but most of my professional wood working has been doing kitchen cabinets like these. I've also made some small boxes like the attached...
  16. jglord

    High-end shop for sale

    I just found this shop sale on Craig's list - it is in Fayettevill. Here's the link. Posted Date: 2011-10-26, 11:41AM EDT This is the listing. Tools - $25000 (Fayyettville NC) Shop full of equipment .sawstop tablesaw .three dado sets/ radial arm. scm shaper. Delta shaper...
  17. jglord

    veritas dual marking gauge

    I agree with eyekode on the two cutters should be on the same shaft and have been very happy with the Tite-Mark gauge. You can take a look here on the Lie-Nielsen site. I do have the mortising cutters - several pre-set width double cutters and a set allowing adjustment of spacing. I hope...
  18. jglord

    Question about Jet 1014

    I've delt with similar problems several times on this lathe and the first thing to check is the belt tension. I've even had lathes returned, supposedly bound-up in all cases it was the belt tension. I've called Jet to get new bearings under warranty as was told to check the belts first. The...
  19. jglord

    Festool Hose fit..PC Bosch etc

    With the 27 mm hose that came with your CT 36 fits my PC Biscuit Jointer very well. I just plug the biscuit jointer into the front of the CT 36. The stepped Fein adaptor bwat mentions will fit the others. You may need to cut off the small end to get it to fit. It is stepped-down. The...
  20. jglord

    Mini or Midi Lathe - Best Bang for the Buck

    When considering a variable speed lathe, you should consider the speed range available on each pully position. The Delta has three pulleys and a 1 hp. Motor. On the center pulley, the speed range is something like 400 – 1800 i.e. one could do most turning with no belt change and if a belt...

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