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  8. D L Ames

    Virginia is for Woodworkers!

    Dom, It was great meeting you when you stopped by Woodcraft and I enjoyed talking with you during your visit. I am glad to see you elected to join the site here. I think you will find it most enjoyable. D L
  9. D L Ames

    Out with the old in with the .......

    Nice job on the new cabinet Mac. :icon_thum Does the new range have any type of venting for it? If so, where does it exhaust to? D L
  10. D L Ames

    2 more finished

    Beautiful job Earl.:eusa_clap You do really nice work. D L
  11. D L Ames

    Buckeye Burl Pen

    Wow......nice looking pen Bob. Your finish looks fantastic. Did you have any problems with tear-out while you were turning it? D L
  12. D L Ames

    Workbench WIP

    Your bench is looking great Chuck! How are you going to make the dog holes? Square or round? D L
  13. D L Ames

    Jointer Technique

    Great article, thanks for sharing it Tom. Like Clay, I have been known to produce a few wedges from time to time. I am sure my issues are more from technique than from machine set up. The mention of rough cutting the stock first to smaller pieces is a good tip. D L
  14. D L Ames

    A member needs prayers and support

    Barbara, As you know I haven't been on the site lately but rest assured that NCWW's ability to network and reach out to its members is alive and well. I am truly sorry to hear about the latest ordeal you are facing. But as you have demonstrated in the past you have the inner strength and...
  15. D L Ames

    It works

    Nice looking slide Earl. D L
  16. D L Ames

    Newest, I guess...

    Welcome to NCWW Jerry, I am glad you could join us here and I look forward to seeing some of your projects. D L
  17. D L Ames

    And remember, there is no greater safety rule than to wear these, safety shop glasses

    Welcome aboard Michael, I am glad you could join us here. D L
  18. D L Ames

    Thanks Tarhead for the Veneer Shuttle Service

    LOL.....We still have effect a hand off to complete the second deal yet Michael. I'll shoot you a PM with my numbers again so we can link up. D L
  19. D L Ames

    Hello, I am new to this site.

    WOW.........awesome looking kayaks John.:icon_thum Welcome to NCWW, I look forward to seeing more of your work. D L
  20. D L Ames

    Hello... I'm a new guy

    Welcome aboard Jeff, I am glad you could join us here. D L

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