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    Small hand injury from Window Blinds- Good info ending

    Silver nitrate is very serious stuff. Not good for home emergency kits. It burns everything. Ask your doctor.
  2. J

    Modern Lounge Chair

    Great job...
  3. J

    Small hand injury from Window Blinds- Good info ending

    I had it applied to my finger when the table saw blade got in my way. It really stings but I recommend if the bleeding doesn't stop go to a urgent care.
  4. J

    Leaf blower not working right

    Plugged jet and perhaps bad fuel line. Ethanol eats up those old engine fuel systems.
  5. J

    Shiplap in the shop

    I recommend a vapor seal placed on the inside of the heated/cooled area. Ask another insulation contractor what they recommend.
  6. J

    Shiplap in the shop

    It looks like your walls have a kraft a paper vapor barrier. That is OK if those are exterior walls. If your room above your workshop is heated then probably not needed there. If not I would install a vapor barrier to the heated room side to prevent moisture build up in the insulation.
  7. J

    Shiplap in the shop

    I suggest sheet rock for the ceiling. Also receptacles. Should the ceiling have a vapor barrier?
  8. J

    Transformer to do Lichtenberg burning - Free

    Be very careful...
  9. J

    New 10x20 Shed/Shop

    I have done it. There is usually a lot of power to the meter that feeds your main breaker box however have a electrician check it out. Older houses can have less power to them because of the distribution wire size. Tapping at the top of the main box should be fine. I took 100 amps to my workshop...
  10. J

    New 10x20 Shed/Shop

    Take your new power straight from the main house panel, i.e. not the well pump circuit which is not usually permitted.
  11. J

    Turner stuff

    Yep. That is Don. A old friend that I respect.
  12. J

    NC Sales Tax Exemptions

    I don't think the home owner is liable however if you pull a permit your property taxes may go up.
  13. J

    Turner stuff

    This is a interesting site for turners. Don Geiger is a master turner and invents solutions. Geiger's Solutions - Shop for Sharpening Systems
  14. J

    Contractor vs. Cabinet vs. Hybrid Saw

    I believe Sawstop gives a false sense of security which compromises basic safety and mythology. However in the worst case it does work.
  15. J

    Contractor vs. Cabinet vs. Hybrid Saw

    I have been using Delta Unisaw's for 50 years and am very happy with them. Never had a problem.
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    UPDATE - .4mm PEEK wire FOUND!

    Braided fishing line has very little stretch.
  17. J

    DIY Solar Install?

    You are absolutely correct.
  18. J

    Arm-R-Seal for a small bathroom vanity

    Seal the bottom also.
  19. J

    New Dining Room Table

    How did you fasten the top to the base? That top is going to move with humidity.
  20. J

    Wood workbench top from HD Seems like a good deal.

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