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    How to apply water based paste grain filler?

    Happy Easter Sunday! I am currently try to finish a mahagny table top. I alreay applied a water dye and a layer of shellec. I was originally thinking of using oil based paste filler, but could not find it. Is it oaky to use water based paste filler on top of shellec? I read that water grain...
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    How to flaten a table top for finishing

    Hello, I have glued up a 52" round table top out of mahagny. After the glue cured, I found the two of the glue lines are not even. What are the best ways to flaten the glue lines? Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks and best wishes. Qui
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    Welding a Bandsaw Blade

    I am thinking of buying a carbide tipped Lenox blade at a very good price. The problemm is that the blade is too long for my saw. Is there a place near High Point/Greensboro that can shorten and reweld the blade? Any information is greatly appreciated. Qui
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    Crown on a Bandsaw Tire

    I need to replace the old rubber bandsaw tiles on my bandsaw.The old tiles have crowns on them. But, the new urethane tiles don't. The question is: Can I put them on? Will the blade track okay? Thanks for all answers. Have a nice and quite Sunday. Qui
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    Pieces that I built

    Since I am on vacation this week, I want to share with fellow North Carolina Woodworker'ers some of the pieces I have built. First one is a chest of drawers built for daughter. All the parts are made with maple. She chooses the finish. Second piece is a blanket chest based on the plan found...
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    Leigh Six Router Bit Set on Sale for $24.95

    Just found out that Leigh Industries has on sale for a set of 6 router bits at . I just ordered a set.
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    Finishing a Burl veneered table top - Advice needed

    Hello, I am trying to finish a burl veneered table top. What is the best finish that the grain can be enhanced? I have both oil stain and water soluble dyes. The table top measures 64"x34". Any tips are greatly appreciated. Regards.
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    Water Based Poly over Dyed Surface?

    I just dyed the surface of a TV Stand. I intend to apply water based ploy afterward. My question: Do I need to apply a sealer coat in between? Will the water based poly smear the water soluble dye? Thanks for any help. Qui
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    Removal of Finishing from Cherry Boards- Help

    I have a few cherry boards which have been finished. I want to remove the finish. What is the best way of doing it? I tried drum sanding. It didn't work. The finish filled the sand paper quickly causing burn to cherry. I don't want to use planer either. It will plane the boards too thin:gar-Cr...
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    Olympic Water Based Poly $5.00/Gal at Big Lot

    Stopped by the Big lot in north High Point today, found they had the water based poly for sale $5.00/gal. They also had stains at $5.00/gal. Smaller sizes are available from $1.50 up. If some one needs these, the prices are good:gar-Bi.
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    Possible to Rervese the Rotational Direction of a Single Phase Electric Motor?

    Is it possible to reverse the rotational direction of a single phase electric motor? I know this can be done easiely with 3 phase motor by switching a pair of wires. But how about a single phase AC motor? Ideas are greatly appreciated:wsmile:. Qui
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    Porter Cable 5" RO Sander $24.99

    Here is the deal.
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    WW II 40 T 0.125 Balde $64.0 Today at

    Amazon has the WW II blade for sale for $64.0 with free shipping. Just ordered one. Here is the link...
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    Hall Table Design

    Hello, I plan to build a hall table using some cherry and tiger maple. I have been looking for design and ideas for the hall table. Could any of you experienced woodworkers give me some ideas on how to use the lumbers and design? Thanks in advance and a ince productive weekend. Qui
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    3x27 sanding belt-where to find?

    I just got an belt sander which requires 3x27 sanding belt. I looked a few places and could not find any. Any help is appreciated. Regards. Qui
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    Williams & Hussey Molder - CL Charlotte, NC

    Williams & Hussey Molder It is a good deal for anyone who needs one.
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    Table and Chairs for Kids

    Thanks for all the help I got from friends on this forum. I finished the pieces just in time for Christmas for a friend's two kids. I learned a lot from making the pieces. Happy holidays.
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    Where to Buy Jewelry Box Hinges

    I am building a few boxes for friends. I went Rockler for the hardware. But, they are so expensive. I hope friends here have info on where to buy the solid brass hinges for a reasonalbe price. Thanks in advance. Qui
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    Kid Funiture

    I was asked by a coworker to byild a table and two chairs for her two kids ( 2 and 3 years old). I have never done anything for kids before. What should be the rough dimensions for kid funiture? She wants the "mission" style look for the table and chairs. Any advices and suggestions are...
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    PC 7518 Router Speed Control - Help

    I just bought a used PC7518 router for table use. The speed control works fine at all other speed settings except the lowest setting- 10,000 rpm. At this setting, the router speed goes up and down and is not steady. What could be the cause of this? May be the brushes? :-x Thanks for any inputs...

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