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  1. blbradford

    Moisture in Air lines throughout shop

    HELP! I have neglected regular draining water or moisture from my air compressor tank. This needs to be a regular habit because now I am in a terrible situation. I drained my air tank but water is in the air lines I have run throughout my shop. After draining the water from the tank, I have...
  2. blbradford

    Double Drawer Slide to increase weight rating

    Not thinking this through completely I have underrated my drawer slide after the drawer and casing have been built. :BangHead: I am building a office credenza and bought a 10 pack of 22" drawer slides (100# rating) but should have thought ahead :BangHead: that ONE of the drawers needs to be...
  3. blbradford

    SawStop on Craig's List

    Too bad I have one:
  4. blbradford

    Pic's of my new shop- and 3 men needed Saturday @ 9AM in Cary.

    It has been over 3 months of work but I am nearly finished with modifying a 740sq foot space of my downstairs basement to facilitate my new workshop. This is what the space looked like when I started;... it comes equipped with a fireplace to burn the cut-off scraps. View image in gallery...
  5. blbradford

    Finished after 3 months

    Finished my project after several months. I made 3 shelve units with drawers and a mirror with similar wood/inlay. This project was my design and very challenging because normally I am a square corner designer and this was the first time I was thinking out of the box. I re-sawed some tiger...
  6. blbradford

    Inay Banding

    If you need some Inlay Banding, I highly recommend looking at :eusa_clap I have bought from this site 5 times for various projects. The product ships the next day. They have a very large selection to choose from. I love to use the flexible stuff you can see it in this...
  7. blbradford

    Quilted Maple End Table completed

    I purchased a piece of Quilted maple from Raleigh Woodcraft for about $65- it was 12"x20"x2.25". I made one jewelry box and also just finished this end table. I think the book match came out great[/url][/IMG] I was trying to use my band saw to resaw thin slices <thinking this would provide...
  8. blbradford

    Delta 10-inch Unisaw Model# 36-869 - $1850 (Chapel Hill)

    If I wasnt so happy with my SawStop I would jump on this!:wsmile:
  9. blbradford

    Latest Jewelry Boxes

    Finished two new boxes recently. I made one for each of my two sisters as random acts of kindness. Quilted Maple and Birds eye
  10. blbradford

    Best Sliding CMS?

    I have a 10yr old Bosch CMS that has been a work horse for me. But I am getting bored with it and having recently satisfied a tool itch it seems that another has popped up:rolleyes:. I find myself shopping for a new CMS. The high end CMS's are all sliding which seems like a great feature (not...
  11. blbradford

    JJP12-HH J/P Combo VS. SawStop

    Couple of weeks ago some of our colleagues stopped by and toured my shop and wood projects. I discussed my desires to replace my BT3100 TS with a SawStop PCS. They indicated that the BT3100 was not the POS that I thought it was. I also pointed out that I have been bumming off my neighbors...
  12. blbradford

    Clocks: Time for some "other" project

    Last Christmas I made some clocks for presents and made one for myself as well. yes that's me in the pendulum picture I would be interested in your opinion of which one YOU like the best. :eusa_danc Bruce :occasion1
  13. blbradford

    Walnut log

    WOW- I wish I had a way to mill this up it looks like it would be a wonderful grain pattern. Bruce
  14. blbradford

    SawStop Table Saw: 1.75HP vs 3HP

    Considering a new table saw I am wondering if you might have an opinion of how much the extra 1.25HP is really worth it? I can run the 220V easy enough but is the extra HP really going to make a difference. Although a perfectionist, I am a hobbyist, not a professional. I am using a 1.5HP...
  15. blbradford

    Curly Wormy Maple End Table and Coffee Table

    I went to "The Hardwood Store" in Gibsonville and found some really cool "Curly Wormy Maple". They also had ONE sheet of 3/4" plywood veneer Birds-eye Maple. I used the ply wood for the bottom shelve. I think they came out very nice. I used Waterlox for the finish: The grain is way...
  16. blbradford

    Bar Top slab

    Seems like months ago I went with my trailer to pay a visit to Kyle Edwards and picked up a load of inventory- one piece of which was a huge slab of curly black walnut: Also a bunch of Sapele that was not in too good of shape, but Kyle made me such a deal that it was nearly free. I put the...
  17. blbradford

    System 3 MirrorCoat epoxy for bar top

    I have a 6'x 20"-45” slab of curly black walnut that has a slight dip towards the center. The slab is not really thick enough to sand out the dip end to end. The dip may actually be a ½”+ depth in the center. I am thinking about using...
  18. blbradford

    Sawdust in the blood:: Cary

    I am fairly new to NC WW and do not do much posting in Forums but I find them a wonderful source of information. I have been looking at the classifieds and some of the work the members have done. It is inspiring. I have been doing many jewelry boxes, cabinets some picture frames, furniture...
  19. blbradford

    Where's your favorite NC exotic wood store?

    Hello- I am very new:embaresse to the forum and this is my first post. I am planning my next projects and need some curly maple for one project which are some rather large picture frames. The next project is some long bar tops that I would like to make with some highly figured hardwood slab...

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