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  1. tarheelz

    The only thing worse than a table saw accident...

    Having recorded your table saw accident for the world to see:
  2. tarheelz

    Drawer Slide Length

    I'm planning on replacing the worn, noisy epoxy drawer slides in my kitchen with K&V side-mount, self-close slides (8400 Series). The drawer boxes are 21 7/8" deep measured from the back of the overlay fronts. The distance from the face of the cabinet frame to the board upon which the builder...
  3. tarheelz

    The passing of Charles Neil (Dec 21, 2019)

    I did not see anything posted here as yet but figured others would be as shocked by the news as I was. His instructions were recommended to me when I first took up woodworking. I appreciated his no nonsense approach and his comfortable talent. RIP. His family appears to have started a...
  4. tarheelz

    Deals on Craftsman Mobile Base & Bench Top Tool Stand

    Craftsman Bench Top Tool Stand $17.94 Craftsman Mobile Base: $18.94...
  5. tarheelz

    DeWALT DW735X 13" Thickness Planer ($450)

    CPO Outlet. Condition is New. Free Shipping. Great deal. (This comes with extra set of blades and infeed/outfeed tables.) Dewalt DW735X 13 in. 120V Two-Speed Thickness Planer with Support Tables and Extra Knives
  6. tarheelz

    Freud 8" Stacked Dado Set ($67.25) - Amazon

    From the frontpage of Be sure to clip coupon on Amazon page.
  7. tarheelz

    Disorienting Design
  8. tarheelz

    Today's Public Service Announcement...

    Chisels remain very sharp. Sharpening chisels this afternoon and a small Stanley socket chisel slipped out of my hand while I was tapping the handle to be ensure it was on tightly. One compression bandage and two band-aids later and I'm back in business (working on plane irons now). Carry on...
  9. tarheelz

    The Story of the Homma Chair How a chair made of scrap wood survived 70 years, perhaps because of a “flaw.”
  10. tarheelz

    Finished Loft for Girl's Bedroom

    Remember this "Ask the NCWW?" post from back in July? :rotflm: Well, it's finally finished. Here's the link to the photos at Google Photos: (This is the best I can do until the image...
  11. tarheelz

    Two UNC Alum Move their NYC "Workshop" to Hillsborough...
  12. tarheelz

    Ask the NCWW: Vertical Ladder Rung Spacing?

    I'm about to build a twin mattress loft bed for my 10 year old daughter. (Tweens need more room!) Here's a Sketchup. (It's lagged into the walls on two sides at the headboard and along the right hand rail.) It will be built of SYP, stained white to match the "White Stain" Ikea furniture...
  13. tarheelz

    Hole Saw Recommendations?

    It's about time to abandon my 20 year old ACE Hardware, generic, hole saw kit. I was hoping some of you might have an opinion (or ten opinions!) about any products on the market that seem to work better than something I might pick up at Harbor Freight. The only requirement I have is that the...
  14. tarheelz

    Finished Something!: A Small Walnut Case

    This small case/stand is my first commissioned piece. The case is designed to match their existing living room furniture and be low enough to fit beneath the moulding of the living room windows. (It will hold their wifi router and Directv Box.) The shelf is adjustable. Joinery is half-blind...
  15. tarheelz

    Any of you spinny guys looking to go bigger?

    $100 and this could be yours!
  16. tarheelz

    Waterlox - This method actually works great!!!!!

    We've all heard and most have experienced that Waterlox is great looking when done right and generally easy to apply but infuriatingly slow at drying so environmental factors can lead to problems (bubbles, dust nibs, other weird imperfections of unknown origin that appear to relate to flow...
  17. tarheelz

    Finish on a Theodore Alexander dining room table?

    A co-worker just caught me to ask whether knew what finish would have been used on her Theodore Alexander dining room table. Before guessing, I thought I'd ask here as I'm sure one of you would know. She reports that something was left on the table for a while and now has left a eight inch...
  18. tarheelz

    The bane of the WW hobbyist

    ... we just move too slowly. Two weeks ago, I milled down my rough walnut down to beautiful S4S pieces, jointed, glued them up, and cut them to final length. (I'm building a very small case for my MIL to hold her cable box and Wi-Fi router.) Returned to the garage last night to mark up the...
  19. tarheelz

    Turning ... Candy
  20. tarheelz

    Craigslist Walnut - This you?

    I sent an email saying I was looking for 40-50bf. I received a response that this wood was at his house. No city. No name. Just a phone number. Before I call, drive to some strange place, and ... am never seen again, I thought I'd check if this was one of y'all...

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