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  1. rcflyer23

    Guitar Build started almost a decade ago.

    Well, it's been a while since I've posted here. Life took over and I haven't been doing much woodworking up until this year. I've always wanted to build guitars and started a year or 10 ago. I psyched myself out and decided I couldn't finish it successfully. 2020 hit with all its glory and I...
  2. rcflyer23

    New Old Member

    It's been a pretty long time since I was active here so I figured I'd reintroduce myself. I'm Kevin, I now live in Holly Springs, NC. I used to live in Concord for almost 8 years and worked for the Richard Petty Driving Experience. I moved the family to Holly Springs in November of last year...
  3. rcflyer23

    Craigslist Score

    So I was able to pick up this Jet Dust Collector I was able to grab it for $75. I figure that's not to bad. I just need a little guy as I will go from tool to tool instead of trying to plum the shop. I like the size because it will not overwhelm my shop and it's not very loud. View image...
  4. rcflyer23

    The Oak and Spalted Maple Pie Safe is Finally Done!!!!!!!!

    I finally put the finishing touches on the pie safe this weekend. I am extremely happy with the way it turned out. The color on the oak is all a custom mixture I came up with, thanks to Bill Clemmons and several others for the advice given on the dye it turned out fantastic. So here are a few...
  5. rcflyer23

    Dovetails for the Pie Safe

    I used a porter cable dovetail jig to cut some dovetails for the pie safe. I'm pretty happy with them.
  6. rcflyer23

    It was a power tool Christmas

    So a couple of years ago I bought a older craftsman table saw and it was great until the motor died. I looked for a while for a used motor or even a new one but really didn't want to spend the money on some of the newer motors. Well harbor freight started selling motors again so my wonderful...
  7. rcflyer23

    Pipe Making??

    Has anyone here made their own tobacco pipe. My brother enjoys pipes and I would like to start looking into making them and hopefully by next Christmas have a nice one to give him. Just curious if any of the fine folks here have any experience with it. I've found a few websites and am...
  8. rcflyer23

    last minute Christmas order

    Had a friend of mine ask me to make some pens last minute for Christmas. So I ran down to Woodcraft and picked up a couple kits and pulled some blanks from my stash.... The First one is Amboyna Burl View image in gallery The Second One is Brown Malee View image in gallery...
  9. rcflyer23

    Question on protecting Aluminum

    I am in the middle of a saw restoration and and was looking at the aluminum badge on the front that has the bevel angle screen printed on it and realized that the original owner never removed the thin protective layer however it's yellowed over the years and I started removing it but I would...
  10. rcflyer23

    Pie Safe WIP - Small Update 5/6/12

    I came into some oak last month and have begun the process of turning it into a Pie Safe for the wife. I also had some Spalted maple that was give to my dad and I by PChristy that I finally got around to milling up and using. I'm using it for the panels in the pie safe and I'm also using it...
  11. rcflyer23

    Spraying Stain

    Is there any issue with spraying stain I'm looking at using some Cabot stain and would prefer to spray it instead of wiping it on. I can't think for any reason why it wouldn't work. My gun is able to spray latex so I wouldn't think it would be to thick or am I just missing the boat.. :banana:
  12. rcflyer23

    Setting Jointer Knives

    My jointer finally need to have the blades sharpened so I did that but I'm not getting the blades back in as accurately as I would like. Does anyone have any experience with the Jointer Pal? I've got a mag base and dial indicator that I can use but I'm struggling holding the blade in place...
  13. rcflyer23

    Started a Chessboard Today

    So I decided to start a Chessboard today. I got some cutoffs from The Hardwood store in Gibsonville during the Shop Crawl and dad had some walnut that he let me have. I started milling it today. So far I have the wood milled and ready to be glued up, Now I just need to be brave enough to glue...
  14. rcflyer23

    A couple of pens

    I've had a chance to turn a couple of pens the past week one for me and one for a customer. View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery
  15. rcflyer23

    Question on Cutting Board

    Can you use Soft maple for an end grain cutting board. I know you can use Hard maple but didn't know what the difference was.
  16. rcflyer23

    First Shot at Woodburning

    So I decided to try something knew today to tag my projects going forward. I have never tried to do woodburning and dad(JCraig) had a HF Woodburning kit so I stole(borrowed) it to give the idea a try. I printed an image of my logo in reverse on the laser printer and tried to transfer it to the...
  17. rcflyer23

    Fixing a fretboard

    A friend on mines backup guitar's fret board decided it was time to start separating from the neck. I put a little glue and used my fret board clamps to clamp it down. I'll check it out tomorrow after the glue has setup good and slowly put tension back on the neck and bring it up to tune...
  18. rcflyer23

    Starting new Hand Plane for Oct 22nd Hand Plane Seminar

    Since I am bringing two small planes to the seminar I thought I might just make a bigger one for it as well. I'm dong this one a little differently. Basically the bed angle is staying the same but the front angle will be 50 degrees and I'm going to put a radius on that angle as well. A few...
  19. rcflyer23

    Compressed Air Lines

    I'm thinking about adding some compressed air lines in my shop but don't have a clue where to start. I've read a few things on using PVC but see that some people don't recommend it. Just curious what everyone is using. I'd like to run a single line across one wall of my shop and have 3 or 4...
  20. rcflyer23

    Wooden Block Plane -- COMPLETED!!!!

    So in I believe the most recent edition of Wood Magazine they had an article on making a wooden hand plane. I've wanted to do one for a while and the article made me go ahead and give it a try. it's turning out okay. We'll see how it works once I get it totally done. I need to find a...

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