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  1. Woodmolds

    FS: Jet 1221VS lathe $500

    I purchased this lathe new. It sat in the box for approximately a year before it was used. I have used it infrequently for the past 4-5 years, mostly small items, tool handles, ornaments, bowls and such. I have several other lathes so this one needs a new home. Picked up in stokes county $500...
  2. Woodmolds

    Al Spicer

    Does anyone know if this is the same AL Spicer that posted such beautiful marquetry here and other places? I thought he was from Bessemer City, NC. This is very near me.
  3. Woodmolds

    Ignore user?

    Is there an option to ignore a user? I have seen it on other forums, but can't seem to locate it here. Thanks, Tony
  4. Woodmolds

    Furniture Commission

    Cherry Dresser built to customers dimensions. 30" wide X 15" depth X 48" height. Primary wood is Cherry, secondary is poplar. 18" X 24"(mirror size) mirror frame. Cherry
  5. Woodmolds

    PM's don't show in the "Sent Items" folder.

    My sent PM's not showing in the "Sent Items" folder? Replies(to me) show fine in the inbox. Thanks, Tony
  6. Woodmolds

    Vote to get WIA in NC!

    Those familiar with WIA(Woodworking In America) may be glad to know NC is in the running for the location of WIA 2012. I thought you might like to help the cause. Link Thanks, Tony

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