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  1. gfernandez

    Where to find Jet Drill Press handle

    So the drill press crank handle for my Jet JDP-17MFW shattered the other day while turning it. Gluing it back together is not an option. Looking for recommendations on replacement part that is not $35 plus S/H. Does anyone know another more economical place to buy, comparable item, or a way to...
  2. gfernandez

    Anyone have pecan, cherry or hickory firewood?

    Hi All, Looking for pecan, cherry or hickory logs/branches for my offset smoker. I'm located in West Cary. Does not need to be cut or seasoned, but if it is that would be great. Please PM me if you have anything. I might be inclined to return the favor with some smoked food...............
  3. gfernandez

    Help with picking a finish for exterior use

    Hi All, I am in the process of building a new dashboard for a convertible. It is a maple veneer with a plywood middle. Looking for recommendations for the best type of finish to protect it from the sun. Am looking to keep the natural maple color as best I can. Had someone suggest using a spar...
  4. gfernandez

    Looking for CNC shop recommendations

    I am looking for recommendations for a local (Raleigh Durham) CNC shop that duplicate a dash for a 1932 roadster. I currently have a plastic dash that can be used as a template. Dimensions are roughly 40" x 9". I have a call in to shopbot in Durham. Also looking for a highly figured piece of...
  5. gfernandez

    Need recommendation for contractor in Orange County

    Hi All, I am looking to purchase office space in Chapel Hill, and need a contractor to subdivide one large 12' x 18' room into two smaller rooms. Here is the scope of work as I understand it: Build the wall floor to ceiling to divide the room into two rooms - to code Install matching...
  6. gfernandez

    Where to rent or borrow a car trailer.....

    I bought a car and need to pick it up in an enclosed car trailer. Have been looking online and have not found anywhere that rents them in the Durham-Raleigh area. I need it for 3 days max. If you know where I might be able to rent or borrow one, I would appreciate the assistance! Thanks, Gonzalo
  7. gfernandez

    Woodworkers Supply closing ?

    Driving through Burlington yesterday and noticed a few for lease signs in front of woodworkers supply. I believe their plan was to move closer to the Raleigh area, wonder if that's going to happen?
  8. gfernandez

    Looking for HVAC and roofing companies

    My brother in law is moving to Durham next month, and the house he is buying needs, among other things, a new roof and HVAC unit. Any recommendations for individuals or companies would be appreciated. Thanks, Gonzalo
  9. gfernandez

    Free logs

    Am clearing some land in Chatham county and have an abundance of 6-12"+ diameter pine logs. If you need campfire wood, or pine logs for any reason, please pm me. You must be able to cut and load yourself. Thanks, gonzalo
  10. gfernandez

    Found a new use for plywood scraps

    Came home from a business trip this past week and found these paintings my wife had done. She had rummaged through the pile of wood scraps and found a few pieces of old plywood sitting around.
  11. gfernandez

    Recommend a plumber please

    So I came home from work this afternoon to the sound of our basement tank alarm going off. Apparently the Zoeller M267 pump I installed 7 years ago is not working. There is power to the outlet, and thankfully the tank is not leaking. Anything else I am missing that may be quick and easy...
  12. gfernandez

    Who wants a stool sampler?

    From popular woodworking this month. I think I would have given it a different title.....
  13. gfernandez

    Sculpted Maloof Inspired Rocker

    I was fortunate enough to recently take a class with Greg Paolini near Asheville NC and begin to build a Sculpted Rocker. For those who have not had the opportunity to work with Greg, I highly recommend taking a class if at all possible. This is the second class I have taken with him, having...
  14. gfernandez

    Let's talk enclosed trailers

    I have come to the realization that our company could benefit from a small enclosed trailer to haul equipment throughout NC. Something in the 4x8 or 5x8 size with a back and side door. Shouldn't be more than about 500-700lbs. we would be hauling. Something like this...
  15. gfernandez

    Can anyone recommend someone to refinish furniture in the Cary/Raleigh area?

    Long story short, I took a class with someone here in NC last month and made a few pieces of furniture. At their suggestion, I had them finish the pieces. Unfortunately, they came out a hot mess. Parts of the finish are sanded through in some areas, there are dents where the clamps were when it...
  16. gfernandez

    Disappointing woodworking class

    Two years ago I took a woodworking class here in NC with Gregory Paolini and built a bow arm Morris chair. Although there were a few bumps along the way, the main one being he was short an instructor and we all went home with unfinished pieces, it was still a great time and the 6 of us learned a...
  17. gfernandez

    Free Woodworking magazines!---GONE

    Doing a little spring cleaning, and am getting rid of 70-80 woodworking magazines. Includes fine woodworking, family handyman, shopnotes, american woodworker and more. Most are from 2010-2012. Great way for a new woodworker to pick up a bunch of great plans for furniture and jigs, articles, etc...
  18. gfernandez

    If trees could sing, this is what they'd sound like

    Pretty cool, someone custom-built a record player that is able to "play" cross-sectional slices of tree trunks
  19. gfernandez

    Phone line install recommendations

    We need to install 4-5 new computer and phone lines in our Raleigh office and are looking for recommendations for local businesses or individuals that do a good job and are affordable. We last used a company out of Danville, who installed our current system, but they were very pricey. Thanks!
  20. gfernandez

    How would you do this?

    I am in the middle of making a new Bo staff for my son. I laminated the wood pieces, glued them together to form a 1x1x70" laminated piece. I then used a 1/2" roundover bit in the router table to get it almost round. My question is the Bo needs to taper from 1" in the middle to 5/8 inch at the...

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