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    ISO Sawmill/Kiln Services

    Alex. There are several small Sawyers in our area but the only kiln that I know is Beetree in Swannanoa. The preveous owner would add small lots in the kiln. They also have sawmill on site. I have not met or talked with new owners yet. 828-581-0197 Bee Tree Hardwoods.
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    Who's been in construction for a really long time?

    That looks like some old caving hard hats. I remember seeing the blue glow in dark for sale new in the early to mid 80's. They look too clean to have been used in coal mines. I believe MSA is still in business. Sold a lot of hard hats and headlights to coon hunters too.
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    How are you disposing of your oily finishing rags?

    My solution may not be quite environmentally sound but all oily or solvent rags go in the wood stove.
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    Thanks Bruce. My cell is 828-442-0576. I'm 3 minutes from Drews diner at the exit.
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    I would take a sheet of 1/2 inch off your hand if you would stop at exit 90 Nebo Lake James exit on your way to Asheville on Saturday. Ray
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    Where can i find 1/8" hardwood plywood?

    You might try Catawba Hardwood exit 90 on I-40 Nebo Lake James exit. Telephone 828-652-3575. They supply cabinet grade plywood. Ray
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    Bandsaw help near Spruce Pine.

    Mark I am located just off exit 90 on I-40. I may be able to help next week. PM me if interested. Ray
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    Woodworker at Lake James, NC

    Howdy neighbor. I'm just off exit 90 in Nebo. Great group here with loads of information. Ray
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    Need ideas for new shop floor, ceiling and walls.

    Hey Red. Sorry to loss a neighbor but best wishes with your new home and shop built. I'm sure you will enjoy having your shop outside of the house. On my shop build I used 3/4 advantech as the sub floor and blocked on 4 ft centers between the joist to pick up the t and g for support. Think...
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    Need help making a massage tool

    Just a quick thought. Any wood product used in a sauna needs to be free of knots. Besides sap the knots hold heat at a much higher temp than clear wood. Sure that all involved know this but better safe than sorry. Just my 2 cents. Ray
  11. Shop build

    Shop build

    Shop build
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    Shop started finally

    What a week. Making good progress though. The challenge of building on a steep slope has driven cost higher than expected. 80 tons of 3/4 washed stone for fill under the basement floor and 24 yards of concrete in footers,floor and filling parts of the wall were surprises to the bank account...
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    Old hand tools...nice find for me.

    Nice find/save Red. Bring em over in a few weeks and we'll put them to work. Ray
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    Shop started finally

    To answer Roy's question yes it is two level with access outside to both levels but the lower level is primarily storage. My plans are for the dust collection and air compressor to be housed below and the workshop to be upstairs. The shop level is just above ground level. The shop walls will...
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    Shop started finally

    There are drawbacks to hillsides Mark but we love the view. Thanks for the reply. Ray
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    Shop started finally

    Starting 1.5 years ago my build began, clearing and road building on steep ground has its challenges. Hitting bed rock in the footers and basement floor caused modifications with elevations. Concrete and laying block is not my forte so contracted this out. 9 steps in the footer increased the...
  17. Shop construction

    Shop construction

    Footer dug and starting to for footers
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    Hello from western NC

    Welcome to the forum Andy. Sure glad you found your way home in WNC. I grew up in Hoffman and live in Nebo out side Marion NC. God I love the mountains. Its a great group here, enjoy.
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    Exstravaganza Volunteers - Updated schedule 10/10

    Re: Exstravaganza Volunteers Count me in for helping wherever you need me. I plan to be there Saturday afternoon to closing. Will be glad to help pack and load too. Look forward to meeting all of you.
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    Large crack acacia wood indoor table

    I agree with Jeff and the use of butterflies spaced along the crack and fill the crack with epoxy. Take care as holly will absorb any dark dust from surrounding wood if sanded which will muddy the holly. Finishing with a scraper should work. My 2 cents.

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