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  1. Jeremy Scuteri

    Dust collection beyond shop vac

    I had the harbor freight dust collector for a couple years and it was a huge improvement over the shop vac I was using previously. As Scott indicated don't expect it to give you pristine, clean air, a respirator can be used to protect your lungs for around $35.
  2. Jeremy Scuteri

    Happy Birthday Graywolf

    Happy birthday!
  3. Jeremy Scuteri

    Lumber prices

    For me it all depends on what ends up being available and what the prices are. I'd have a preference for thicker stock like 8/4, but would not object to anything down to 4/4. I'd anticipate being in the 50bf - 100bf range if I had to guess.
  4. Jeremy Scuteri

    The finish was harder than the woodworking

    I like it, looks good.
  5. Jeremy Scuteri

    Lumber prices

    Sounds like it would be fun. Curly maple and curly cherry are always on my list.
  6. Jeremy Scuteri

    Shiplap in the shop

    Looks great
  7. Jeremy Scuteri

    M&T Video

    Hank, can you make a video where you implement the "workbench height test"? :)
  8. Jeremy Scuteri

    Have a small CNC job

    Thanks for making and posting the time lapse video. Those are great.
  9. Jeremy Scuteri

    Ironwood - Hophornbeam

    I think this is the post: hornbeam/ musclewood
  10. Jeremy Scuteri

    Hello everyone

    Amazing work. Welcome to the group.
  11. Jeremy Scuteri

    Carving a rifle stock

    Very cool
  12. Jeremy Scuteri

    A pair of dulcimers

    Nice work, they look great.
  13. Jeremy Scuteri

    Hello From Greensboro

    Welcome to the group.
  14. Jeremy Scuteri

    Grandfather clock with shelves.

    Looks good Berta
  15. Jeremy Scuteri

    DIY countertop

    Looking forward to seeing the progress and final pics. It's funny how QSWO gets so much attention, but it seems that nobody ever talks about Quarter Sawn Cherry when cherry has nice ray flecks as well.
  16. Jeremy Scuteri

    Forest Woodworker ll

    Sorry to hear about this, I hope you have a speedy recovery Mike.
  17. Jeremy Scuteri

    Post Covid Workshop - List attached - SOLD OUT

    I'd like to be added to the waiting list. Thanks.
  18. Jeremy Scuteri

    sanding shellac question

    That has always been my experience sanding shellac, the paper corns up in a hurry no matter how long I let it dry. Phil held a spray finishing class and we sprayed lacquer, I was amazed how it powdered up when being sanded less than an hour after spraying.
  19. Jeremy Scuteri

    Bridge City Angle master 1

    Is this the tool?

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