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  1. creasman

    Happy Birthday Danmart77

    Happy Birthday, Dan! April babies are the best, cause we're all sunshine and flowers. :cool:
  2. creasman

    Wanted: Geared Head drill press

    Can it double as a milling machine?
  3. creasman

    Wanted: Geared Head drill press

    I had not heard the term "geared head drill press" before. I see they are more expensive. What makes them better than a normal drill press?
  4. creasman

    The horror!

    Who needs a drone delivery system! Just fly the product to where it needs to go.
  5. creasman


    Here's a couple of panorama's of my shop taken a few years ago. Same shop, just messier now ;). Maybe we can have another shop crawl this year. That would give me incentive to clean it up!
  6. creasman

    Plane Talk -- Part 2

    This is a continuation of Part 1 of this posting. Refurbishing These are some tools you'll need for this part: 12" straight edge for checking sole and body. Grinder for shaping the iron and scratch stock scrapers. Calipers for checking width. Flat stone or other sanding surface to flatten...
  7. creasman

    Plane Talk -- Part 1

    I suppose you could say I have a (maybe unhealthy) passion for seeing old hand tools refurbished and returned to working life. I once purchased the groove plane of a tongue-n-groove set for $1. It was in sad shape with rust, missing handle and cracked body. I truly felt pity for this...
  8. creasman

    hornbeam/ musclewood

    Mine is more of an interest rather than a need. I plan to build a couple of planes that will require some boxing. Most likely I will use persimmon for this, which I have on hand. Persimmon is harder than hornbeam (Janka 2300 for persimmon vs 1780 for hornbeam). Did you have some extra you...
  9. creasman


    Welcome to the group!
  10. creasman

    Anarchist's Workbench

    The Anarchist's Workbench was on my Christmas list this year. I finished reading it last month. I also have his first book in this series, The Anarchist's Tool Chest. Both are excellent reads even if you never plan to build your own workbench or tool chest. At some point I plan to read the...
  11. creasman

    Old iron

    Go for it, Mike. My wife would prefer I not come home with another project. I just couldn't stand to see it end up in a land fill.
  12. creasman

    Ironwood - Hophornbeam

    Too cool... you have to post a video when you fire it.
  13. creasman

    Old iron

    Agreed. I notice it also has an extra long tool rest with two posts. It must have some other way of attaching this. I'd be interested in restoring the lathe but I'm not able to pick it up in the time frame. Hopefully it finds a good home.
  14. creasman

    Southern Cellarette

    That is beautiful! Nice work, and thanks for sharing. I would like to see more on how you create the pinwheel.
  15. creasman

    52" Delta TS extension

    Solid surface counter tops (e.g., Corian) make great work surfaces. The stuff is virtually indestructible. A lot of people are replacing these with stone now, so you often find these at places like Habitat Restore. I was fortunate to have a neighbor that replaced their kitchen counters with...
  16. creasman

    reclaimed barn siding (cedar)

    Beautiful wood. The planer reveals what was hiding inside that gray exterior.
  17. creasman

    hornbeam/ musclewood

    There is a lot of this in Western North Carolina. Like @Mike Davis says it grew along side the creeks. We called it iron wood because it was very hard and tough. I don't recall the trees ever getting bigger than a few inches in diameter. Funny you should mention this wood. I was doing...
  18. creasman

    Carving a rifle stock

    Super nice, Dan. Can't wait to see the final results. I don't see how the pewter doesn't burn the wood. I guess since the melting point is around 300-400 degrees it cools quick enough to avoid burning?
  19. creasman

    1940s Dunlap 103-0603 Lathe Restoration

    Mine has a spacer between the pulley and housing, but I don't believe it has bearings in it. Let me know if you'd like me to take a better close up of the parts. You will want to get a step pulley for the motor as @awldune points out. The drive shaft on mine is hollow and is threaded both on...
  20. creasman

    1940s Dunlap 103-0603 Lathe Restoration

    Mine doesn't have any bearings, just bronze bushing. The bronze is semi-porous, allowing the oil I put in at the cap fittings to lubricate the shaft. The bearings were probably a later edition. I'm sure you can find a replacement for these if needed. The tool rest on mine is about 10". It...

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