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  1. build4fun

    A Place to Hang your Hat ... and Coat

    My son has a lot of hats and needs a place to hang his coat. So, you can guess what I made him for Christmas. Here is the video of my process to make it.
  2. build4fun

    Bench for Christmas

    I made this bench as a Christmas gift to a family friend and thought I should share. I hope to make another in the future and maybe even a video.
  3. build4fun

    Making Good Chamfers with a Hand Plane - No Router

    I often enjoy using my hand tools in lieu of power tools. Making chamfers by hand is one good example, but I do a better job on some days than others. In this video, I build a 'chamfer guide' - something I find helpful when trying to chamfer the edges on a relatively long workpiece. I make...
  4. build4fun

    The Step Stool Project

    I have now made more of these step stools for others than I can count. My favorite is the quarter sawn oak version, but others might like different wood variations. Here is a video with the steps for making it.
  5. build4fun

    Advice on sharpening old hand saws ?

    I have now collected 8-9 old hand saws (panel saws). I am documenting my process of restoring them and was curious about everyone else's advice for resharpening. Basically, I want to compare with my notes. What type of file do you use ? How do you get angles correct, keep track of the filed...
  6. build4fun

    Home Office Projects ?

    Anybody have some good home office projects? Like many people, I have been working from home. I already have a desk, so I recently made the wastebasket in the picture during the lockdowns. Here is a video of me building it for my office.

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