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  1. dancam

    Brazilian cherry

    Sorry, it didn't work out. Just keep, no need to return or pay anything.
  2. dancam

    Brazilian cherry

    Mike, I have a scrape of BC approx 6/4 x 2.75" x 18". Your welcome to it. I'll post a pic when I get back to the shop. I can cut it down for easy cost effective shipping. Just let me know. Dan
  3. dancam

    Roll top desk repair..... need help

    Board Stretcher...
  4. dancam


    Well, the pandemic has created a lot of spare time for most folks. I've kept busy around the house with fixing and updating things with various household projects. Got back in the shop and committed to cleaning up, organizing, and finding a use for a ton of scraps and off-cuts. I started to...
  5. dancam

    Makers Mark

    On furniture pieces, I use a branding iron and also inlay a US Penny of the year the piece was completed. I also include a small description of the finish and wood species (usually on the bottom or back of a drawer). On smaller pieces (boxes etc) I have a friend that laser engraves a maker's...
  6. dancam

    Southern Cellarette

    Absolutely outstanding!
  7. dancam

    Carving a rifle stock

    Hey Dan, Absolutely beautiful. Please post more pics as you continue on this piece .
  8. dancam

    Coping saw blades

    OK, folks, time to get your wallet out and a home equity loan application for a $350.00 coping saw! Blue Spruce Coping Saw
  9. dancam

    Interesting Desk

    See the below video detailing some incredible woodworking.
  10. dancam

    Delta Unisaw - Asheville

    Not mine...seems like a reasonable price.
  11. dancam


    Welcome to the forum. Based upon your pics, you'll be a contributor from the get-go.
  12. dancam

    Woodburning commission

    Beautiful execution of wood burning. It looks like an excellent pen and ink drawing. Not sure how to price.
  13. dancam

    Replacement windows

    I'm in the process of converting a screened porch to a fully winterized year-round room. It's a timber-framed structure that had four bays of screening. We wanted to have picture windows facing the mountains (south) and sliders on the side with an exterior door replacing the storm door. We...
  14. dancam

    Hollow chisel morticing bits

    + 1 for Fisch
  15. dancam

    Little Box

    My wife belongs to a small Mah Jongg Club and she asked me to make a small box for their upcoming meeting. They do a gift swap twice a year and she wanted something that was Mah Jong themed. I had some scraps of curly zebra wood and some purple heart. It's approximately 5" square and is lined...
  16. dancam

    Am I the only one who does this ?

    +1 Remove as soon as it gets to the shop.
  17. dancam

    It's 2 pieces

    Odie'S Oil: Odie's Dark Finish 9 ounce - Extraordinary Finish and Stabilizer - Food Safe - -
  18. dancam

    Rockler Box Joint Jig

    For Sale, Rockler Box Joint Jig. Used once and no longer need it. Asking $35.00 pick up or PE. Will ship for add'l $10.00. See Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig for more detail. Dan C.
  19. dancam

    Baby Cradle

    Thanks Matt
  20. dancam

    Baby Cradle

    Absolutely the design and the execution looks exceptional. One question...what finish did you use?

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