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  1. PeteM

    Utility Knife Blade?

    I got some of these from Woodcraft some time ago but can't find them anymore. Has anyone seen one shaped like this? Standard blade on one end chisel on the other.
  2. PeteM

    Wide Blade Attachment for WS3000

    Make one . . .
  3. PeteM

    Brazilian cherry

    It's 1.75"
  4. PeteM

    Brazilian cherry

    . . . or, I have some you can have along with the tap & die set if you can wait that long
  5. PeteM

    Post not showing in "new posts"

    Thanks guys - Guess it was just something weird with my browser or ?????
  6. PeteM

    Post not showing in "new posts"

    Where's that located?
  7. PeteM

    Post not showing in "new posts"

    I posted 2 items for sale and they show up in the for sale forum but did not show in the new post section. Not a big deal just wondering why,
  8. PeteM

    1" Wood Threading Kit

    Got it. Thanks. I'll keep it nice and safe till you come to get it.
  9. PeteM

    1" Wood Threading Kit

    Sorry Hank. sometimes things go pretty quickly on here! And don't let all those electrophobes get to you. I'm sure you'll be fine. Lots of folks manage to live long productive lives after being struck by lightning!!! :eek:
  10. PeteM

    1" Wood Threading Kit

    I've been holding it for a few years now so another month or so shouldn't hurt. Has the ruler made it to you yet?
  11. PeteM

    1" Wood Threading Kit

    Only used once, Pickup in Pittsboro. $30
  12. PeteM

    The horror!

    I saw this on another forum. The caption was: What happens when you don't tug on the hold-down and say "That ain't going nowhere"!!!!! :eek:
  13. PeteM

    Transformer to do Lichtenberg burning - Free

    OK, I'll save it for you.
  14. PeteM

    Transformer to do Lichtenberg burning - Free

    That was less than a minute! When do you want to pick it up?
  15. PeteM

    Old B&D sander Cat 88 - Free

    This has been under the stairs in my garage for years. Was going to toss it but thought I'd see if anyone wanted to play with it. Pickup in Pittsboro. No shipping
  16. PeteM

    Transformer to do Lichtenberg burning - Free

    I was going to try this but doesn't look like that's going to happen so if anyone wants to play here's an xformer for ya. Pickup in Pittsboro. No shipping.
  17. PeteM

    Anarchist's Workbench

    Christopher Schwarz has his new book available. AND . . . he's made the entire book downloadable in pdf format for free. No Strings, No DRM. Just a great free book! The printed version is a very reasonable $27.
  18. PeteM

    Bauer (HF) Compact Router

    HF has been upping their game lately with better quality tools. The Bauer line gets pretty good reviews overall. I don't see much difference between it and the Bosch and Makita. You can get a 2 year no questions asked warranty for 10 bucks. If you're a pro banging it out daily get a Festool...
  19. PeteM

    Pittsboro to G'boro or Walnut Cove?

    I do have plans Saturday but at home so If Jeff wants to stop by just to pick up the ruler that would be ok with me.
  20. PeteM

    Wife wants...

    Sounds like a great project! I didn't realize this was such a thing. Google came up with lots of info. These architectural drawings are pretty detailed.

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