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  1. bbrown


    Lots of woodworking and carving talent in NC! I'd encourage more folks to share their websites and/or their work here (I am speaking to myself as well!). --Bill
  2. bbrown

    4" ID used flex dust collector hose

    HI David, That was me. I should be heading your way in the weeks ahead if you can hang onto it. Thanks!
  3. bbrown

    FOR SALE: Dust collection fittings

    I will take these. -Bill
  4. bbrown

    Wanted - Dewalt Scroll Saw

    Larry, You are much closer. (I used to work in Ahsokie, which is very close to Scott!). I'm fine if you want to claim it. Thanks for the offer Scott. Still interested in the Hawk...PM sent.
  5. bbrown

    Wanted - Dewalt Scroll Saw

    Thanks. Bobby G's has already sold. What is the difference between the Type I & II? PM sent. Thanks very much for the reply. -Bill
  6. bbrown

    Lumber prices

    Count me in (just don't tell my wife :)
  7. bbrown

    Wanted - Dewalt Scroll Saw

    Looking for a used Dewalt DW788 or comparable scroll saw. Thanks, -Bill
  8. bbrown

    1/4" plywood source

    Thanks for the advice 'Smallboat'.
  9. bbrown

    1/4" plywood source

    Thank you Kelly. The Hardwood Store looks great.
  10. bbrown

    1/4" plywood source

    Thanks guys. I did not know there was a Woodcraft in Danville (could be dangerous!). Maybe I don't need the very highest quality ply for this. It's for a customer, so there cannot be any warping on this project. I never use plywood. My veneering substrate has always been MDF or glued up...
  11. bbrown

    1/4" plywood source

    Hello folks, I am sure this comes up frequently, so apologize ahead of time. I did a search and a thousand mentions of plywood come up. I am looking for very high quality 1/4" plywood for a veneer project. I have an order for a Jefferson lap desk in curly cherry. The wood parts are very thin...
  12. bbrown

    NCWW and Social Media

    Will do...... I have an active Instagram account: William Francis Brown (@williamfrancisbrown) • Instagram photos and videos
  13. bbrown

    Up spiral and Down-spiral router bits

    And I'll take 6 or so off your hands.
  14. bbrown

    Flex hose wanted

    Jclrk, PM sent.
  15. bbrown

    Up spiral and Down-spiral router bits

    What sizes are the cutting widths of the bits? Shanks are all 1/4 Inch correct?
  16. bbrown

    Looking for input on used hand tool market in these times

    Yes, I was referring to the used market. Was not aware Florip had increased their prices. Thank you for the update.
  17. bbrown

    Flex hose wanted

    Hello folks, Anyone have some flex hose they don't need? I am looking for about 10-20 feet of 4" and 5-10 feet of 3" for my dust collection system I'm completing. I live in Lynchburg, VA area, but work in Albemarle, NC (E. of Charlotte). Thanks, -Bill
  18. bbrown

    Looking for input on used hand tool market in these times

    Sounds like a good time for some competitors to start making quality planes that normal people can afford. I have seen this with saws for example . Florip comes to mind, but Veritas makes quality users that are reasonably priced. Would be great to see this happen with other hand tools...
  19. bbrown

    NArex Chisels - Richter/95/Paring

    Excellent info. Thanks!
  20. bbrown

    Cloudy finish with water stones

    Agree with what Mike said. There are many ways to achieve a sharp chisel or carving tool edge, and hence, often the confusion for novices. Add to that that so much of what is written seems to say that their method is best. In the end, it's not so much how you get there, but how does it work...

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