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  1. Phillip Mitchell

    That's not a Jointer....

    I have an Oliver 166 BD (12”) and wouldn’t let it go for anything...except maybe a wider 166 ;) Mine is the same as this one, just half as wide and a bit older. Missing the motor is a bit of an obstacle as most of these were direct drive motors that aren’t as simple to find and replace as belt...
  2. Phillip Mitchell

    Wanted: Geared Head drill press

    I would love a Bridgeport style milling machine, but simply don’t have the space for it. One good thing about the smaller geared head presses like Arboga and Solberga in particular is that they are very compact in depth, width and height which makes all the difference in the particular spot in...
  3. Phillip Mitchell

    Wanted: Geared Head drill press

    Thanks for the comments. I regularly keep tabs on all the online classifieds including Craigslist. I have been looking more seriously for the last 2-3 months, but will continue to be patient for the right machine and deal to pop up. I have had good luck posting wanted ads here before for fairly...
  4. Phillip Mitchell

    Wanted: Geared Head drill press

    I’m looking for a small to medium size geared head drill press. Something like an 18-22” Arboga, Solberga, etc, but open to other brands. 3 phase preferred, less than 75” total height, manual feed, proper running condition. I’m in the Boone area, but am willing to drive up to 3-4 hr for the...
  5. Phillip Mitchell

    MiniMax MM16 Bandsaw $1400 (Fleetwood) GONE

    The one time in the last 5 years that I took a multiple day break from looking my local Craigslist this pops up! This is just down the road from me and looked like a fantastic deal...though it would have to displace my current 20” Italian saw that is a bit older than this Minimax. Oh well.
  6. Phillip Mitchell

    Festool systainers - $0 (Iron Station) GONE

    The main draw of the toolboxes is that they are interlocking, stackable, and modular. Very handy if you do any sort of work on-site or have to move your tools out of the shop - heck, they are useful even for working in the shop, especially if your shop is as small and cramped as mine where every...
  7. Phillip Mitchell

    Drill Press for sale SOLD

    Hi Jeff, I sent you a message / “conversation” about the press. Don’t spend a lot of time on this forum, so hopefully that’s the best way to contact.
  8. Phillip Mitchell

    Festool systainers - $0 (Iron Station) GONE

    I think they have sold. I wanted several but couldn’t make a trip down just for that. Oh well...was a very good deal.
  9. Phillip Mitchell

    SOLD Forest City Tools & Greenlee Drills And Countersinks

    Are these still available? Would you ship them? Not sure how to Private Message, but feel free to contact me at - - Thanks
  10. Phillip Mitchell

    Phenolic saw plates cheap!

    Wow! Just saw this thread for the first time. If this is still going on I'm interested in (6) phenolic plates for a Powermatic 66 table saw. I believe the 66 has always had the same size throat opening - 14 7/16" x 4" I wouldn't mind having a few (2) for my Dewalt 780 sliding miter saw...
  11. Phillip Mitchell

    Electric Hand Plane

    I'm a timber framer by trade and have used many a power planer for many a task. It seems that many of you just aren't that experienced with using them and how versatile they can be. Expecting a finished surface on anything more refined than a timber frame is probably expecting too much, but for...
  12. Phillip Mitchell

    Oh No!...I'm getting cranky again

    I think it all depends on what you're looking for. If the video is well shot, edited, and produced I'll take no narration any day over listening to somebody's voice explain what they're doing while I'm already watching it. If I'm looking for some solution to a specific problem (fixing a...
  13. Phillip Mitchell

    What is true in food...

    Great post. I love reading people’s different reflections on the craft and craftsmanship. It usually provides a glimpse into what makes us tick and keep pushing ahead in our pursuits. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Phillip Mitchell

    New to the forum, new to me bandsaw thanks to RoyG

    Hi folks, I thought I'd introduce myself and tell a happy woodworking story. I joined this forum a year or so back, but didn't become active posting for numerous reasons. I'm fairly active on another woodworking forum and just hadn't made it over to this site frequently enough to commit...
  15. Phillip Mitchell

    Laguna Tools16 (Meber) Italian Bandsaw - $1450 (Black Mountain)

    Price is pretty steep to me. I inquired about the saw at some point. It has no blade break, which is a deal breaker for me. It's a late 90s model, so tough to compare to the exact models of today's Laguna line. Smaller re-saw capacity and smaller motor than what's available today. I'd be much...

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