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  1. Berta

    Craftsman small table saw. Free sold

    My son wants to get rid of his little Craftsman 10” table saw. Free. He UPGRADED to a used Ridgid jobsite saw. I will get it to whoever needs it as best as I can. This is Free. He is in Lillington. I am in Cameron. He just wants it gone. It works. It was mainly used for home improvement...
  2. Berta

    Hearing aid batteries. Size p675. GONE

    I have 12 unopened 6 pac. Hearing aid batteries. They are free. I got my new implants in 2019 and they are rechargable. I no longer have a need for these batteries. They have been in my cabinet for these past couple of years.
  3. Berta

    Grandfather clock with shelves.

    This clock is in the compound cut book I am working on. It is called the WADE CLOCK. The clock is cut from 2 pieces of 3/4” thick walnut. The swan was cut from a light piece of popular, the snail and shell was cut from ERC. 3/4 x 3/4. The bottom is weighted with a piece of lead.
  4. Berta

    Compound cutting on the Scrollsaw

    I have found some people don’t understand how these pieces happen. Even after watching someone cutting one. I thought I would show the process so others could understand it. I hope this helps. Picture one is the 2 sided pattern applied to 1 1/2” X 1 1/2” popular Picture two and three is the...
  5. Berta

    Shelf for displaying my portrait type scroll work

    I made this from red oak from Lowes. It is designed to hold children’s books with the covers showing. I am using it for my scroll work. The beauty is it screws into the studs.
  6. Berta

    Redoing a metal and wood lawn bench

    I know some have you have redone these metal and wood benches. My problem is I don’t have a sandblaster big enough to do this. Can I use a wire brush like this? I do like the little ones for the tight spaces. LESNIC 9 Pack Brass Coated Wire Brush Wheel & Cup Brush Set with 1/4 Inch Shank...
  7. Berta

    I killed my Craftsman lunchbox planer.

    My 1995 planer died. I was planing some popular and almost done with the first side of the first board and it quit. The reset button did nothing. Is there something else to try?
  8. Berta

    Burrowing Owls

    Pattern by Charles Hand. Finally got it framed.
  9. Berta

    Carousel Horse puzzle

    The horse is 3/4” walnut. The base is some spalted holly tree. Over all it is 13 1/4” high and 8 1/4” long.
  10. Berta

    Carousel Horse puzzle

    This was cut from walnut. Finished with 3 different Danish Oils, natural, walnut and dark walnut. The brass post is removed for disassembly. It is mounted in a piece of holly. The silver is done with Rub ‘N Buff silver leaf.
  11. Berta

    Our scrollsaw club tries to have a challenge each month.

    This month it was puzzles. These are mine.
  12. Berta

    Natural Wonders

    This is cut in 1/4” spalted walnut. It has a layered painted backer. 8 1/2 x 10 1/2
  13. Berta

    Wolf clock

    This was cut from an LP Record
  14. Berta

    Christmas ornament

    The stand is Beech, the ornament is cherry.
  15. Berta


    Just a reminder to use Amazon Smile this Holiday season, and every time you shop Amazon. NCWW is a charity that you can elect for your Amazon Smile. Every penny helps.
  16. Berta

    Nice save!

    What happens when an inlay goes wrong? An unwanted hole and the project is designer firewood. Unless you get creative!
  17. Berta

    Scrollsaw Club Meeting

    The Sunny Scrollers meeting is today, December 1. The Klingspor’s store in Cary will host our monthly meeting from 2 to 4 pm. We are bringing snacks for Christmas!
  18. Berta

    What kind of wood is this?

    I am making more turtle boxes and four this way back in a corner of my shop. I think that it will be an interesting box, but I need to know what type of wood it is to put it on my Etsy. Any guesses?
  19. Berta


    When I opened my email this morning I saw that Steve Good is coming to the Extravaganza! I am beyond excited! We scrollers get an email with a pattern almost every day from him. We do a monthly challenge for the Scroll saw club using his patterns. He will be at the Carolina Scrollers group.
  20. Berta

    Sunny Scrollers challenge DONE

    We have a Scrollsaw club that meets at the Cary Klingspor’s on the first Sunday of every month. It has become our practice to decide on a challenge to be completed before the next meeting. This month it was lettering. I avoid letters. It took me 2 tries but it is complete. My son has loved...

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