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  1. kserdar

    Do I really need 3 floor standing drill presses?

    For the price on this old iron (Rockwell 15-665), I just couldn't pass it up: It was already wired for 120V and in great shape. Better yet, none of the pieces are missing or broken.
  2. kserdar

    Ridgid WD1245 Vac

    This vac has been a workhorse for me for many years. But, right before Christmas it started smoking a little and wouldn't run for more then 10 seconds. 15 minutes of tear down and cleaning. The answer was obvious. I needed new motor brushes: >Hello Ken, > >Thank you for contacting RIDGID®...
  3. kserdar

    Intro from the shop

    I have been lurking in here for a couple of years. So I guess it is time to say hello. A little history: My parents were both school teachers. Thus, every summer my father did home construction and remodeling. I started working on his "crew" at about the age of 14. When I say crew - my father...
  4. kserdar

    Urethane bandsaw tires

    I need to replace the tires on my Jet 14" bandsaw. Any recommendations? Don't use?

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