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  1. J

    New to me no 6

    Picked this type 13 Stanley No 6 for $30. In the process of cleaning it up best I can now. I've removed most of the rust, need to hit it with a wire wheel to clean it up the rest of the way. The iron definitely needs sharpening, slight regrind to straighten the edge out. Next up is removing...
  2. J

    Can't find picture/thread of table

    A few days ago I saw a thread, not saying 100% it was here but I'm 90% sure it was. There was a picture of a table, want to say it was an entryway/console table. I think it was a walnut base with a maple or other lightwood top, although I might have that reversed. The top kind of "floated", the...
  3. J

    Maybe some help identifying a block plane

    This block plane has sat in my dads toolbox for years without use. He gave it to me a couple years ago where it has sat on a shelf. Before he had it my grandfather owned it. Now that I'm trying to transition to more hand tool use I've brought it out but trying to figure out if its worth trying...
  4. J

    Walnut logs

    Someone local had a walnut tree fall down recently and had it cut up. Didn't hear about it until it was too late, was cut into 2-2 1/2 ft logs. I picked up a few of them with the thought of trying to get some small pieces of lumber out of them. Now I understand that it won't be ready to use for...
  5. J

    Eastern Red Cedar? And price opinions

    Saw someone local selling this rough cut cedar for $200 for the lot. Looks to be eastern red to me but I'm horrible at wood recognition. Especially when rough cut. Says 1x6x8, some larger, some smaller. Roughly 40 boards total Probably a dumb question but is that a fair price?
  6. J

    What chisels/gouges should i acquire?

    I recently purchased a lathe and some tools from a member here. The chisels are made by Crown. Ive attached a picture of the set i believe i have, minus the round nose scraper. The tools are: No. 230 - 3/4" 19mm Roughing Out Gouge No. 236 - 3/8" 10 mm Spindle Gouge No. 245 - 1/4" 6 mm Parting...
  7. J

    New from Cherryville

    Hey, the names Cody. I'm from Cherryville, atleast for now. Looking at relocating next year closer to OBX. I have worked with wood my whole life, first helping my dad in the shop and then on my own. I have recently started moving more into doing 'fine furniture'. I put that in quotes because...
  8. J

    Small shop brainstorming

    So we are looking at moving and are currently renting as we weren't sure where we wanted to live. I work 100% remote so not tied to any particular locale. So my shop is a prefab 10x20 shed that is wired and insulated. Double doors on the long wall, the typical shed you see everywhere. But...

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