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  1. kserdar

    Do I really need 3 floor standing drill presses?

    I noticed a little oil filler spout. I have never had one of these on a drill press before. What "flavor" of oil? How do I know if it needs more? Any other maintenance/adjustments?
  2. kserdar

    Do I really need 3 floor standing drill presses?

    Looks like the previous owner didn't align the pulleys: 2 questions - Is that the correct belt? (925-01-013-1085 7D) What is the easy/correct method to align the pulleys? Looks like I need to raise the motor. How do I make sure the pulleys a level?
  3. kserdar

    Up spiral and Down-spiral router bits

    If you don't find someone to take them all. I would be interested in all the up cut bits. Let me know.
  4. kserdar

    Do I really need 3 floor standing drill presses?

    For the price on this old iron (Rockwell 15-665), I just couldn't pass it up: It was already wired for 120V and in great shape. Better yet, none of the pieces are missing or broken.
  5. kserdar

    Cutting a groove for stringing

    Easy answer - CNC machine.
  6. kserdar

    Letter templates and plunge router

    Yes, I have a CNC router/CNC mill/CNC lathe/laser cutter/3D printer. Just trying to combine my computer (day job) skills and wood working hobby. There are many people on this site that have CNC machines. Charge for CNC work??? There many schools of thought on that. But, I know I don't charge...
  7. kserdar

    Letter templates and plunge router

    When you want to do something creative - mount the router to a CNC machine and go wild.
  8. kserdar

    The Hillsborough Efland Mebane Chapel Hill Durham and nearby get-to-know-you thread

    I am located in Hillsborough, on gravel portion of Arthur Minnis. I am part of a group: Hillsborough Orange Woodworkers - "HOW". We haven't meet since Covid started, but hope to meet again to build projects. If you are interested, please let me know.
  9. kserdar

    CNC service needed

    I was thinking set in stone - thus the "slate" background.
  10. kserdar

    How to fix this gutter? Basement flooding

    Since your gutters were clogged - Did you check the black drain pipe as well? My previous house had a similar issue. On one side of the house, the previous owner had planted roses directly on top of the black pipe. Which had clogged 90% of the pipe. One the other side, they had a deck added on...
  11. kserdar

    Cabinet question

    oscillating multi-tool with a metal blade - for those hidden nails or screws.
  12. kserdar

    Cabinet Door Stops

    I am sure that Blum and others make a spring loaded 180 degree hinge that would have held the door open and worked for your setup. But, since it is already done - get someone to 3D print you a door wedge -...
  13. kserdar

    NC in the rough

    Cut these a couple of weeks ago; for a school fund raiser: Recycled shelf from Southern Seasons.
  14. kserdar

    Dust Collection Duct Layout Advice Needed

    Hopefully your table saw is mobile or you have 8' clearance from blade exit to the solid pipe in the middle of the room. Sorry, I missed the " all the machines will be moveable on casters ", but the clearance still applies.
  15. kserdar

    Bought a new CNC router.

    I checked a little closer - your using a "trim" router. I have been using the plunge router version.
  16. kserdar

    hinge into end grain

    I don't see why you need to - "add a piece of wood on the inside of the top chamber for the hinges i've chosen to go into. " Do your hinges only open 90 degrees? I would almost bet there are similar 180 degree hinges. Then you just fasten the hinge to the back and lid.
  17. kserdar

    Bought a new CNC router.

    Aspire will give an estimate. I have never trusted it too much. There are many parameters that you need to fiddle with to get it accurate. It isn't worth the effort, unless you are billing by that time.
  18. kserdar

    Bought a new CNC router.

    Is that the ~$100 Makita router? I have been using one on my CNC for over 10 years now. The original bearings went out after about 1 year. Replaced the bearings with better ones off Amazon and it has been fine since then. I did purchase a backup refub router, just in case.
  19. kserdar

    "Full flow" DC connector

    That grate is there to protect the impeller from anything large. Many people connect their "dust" collection up to a floor sweep. If something large were to get sucked into the impeller. BANG - now you destroyed the impeller fins or burned up the motor. If you have a cyclone in front of your...

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