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    Festool observation

    Im sure others here have experienced this.... Festool cords that dont work from one to the other due to cord gauges. I know higher amp draw tools require heavier wire, but the difference from the lower to the upper is minimal as far as wire gauge. The cords are keyed at the tool so you cant...
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    Wood allergies?

    Anyone had any adverse reaction to any particular woods?. I developed a terrible case of hives after working with some leopardwood last weekend. It seems like it is contact like fine dust contacting my skin around my eyes, ears and nostrils. Plenty of dust collection running, but from where it...
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    12" Delta Jointer

    not mine, etc etc
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    Im usually not into this sort of thing but...

    This actually looks like it might be handy.
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    CNC Introduction trade?

    OK, some of you here are aware I recently purchased a Laguna CNC Swift, 4 x 8. I have been learning to use it but it can take alot of material to "try" new things. What I am offering here is for people to bring their CNC ideas or actual parts needed and come to my place to learn to run them. The...
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    First and second CNC runs!!

    Well, I got power to her on Thursday and started familiarizing myself with Aspire on Friday. first thing I ran was this... My neighbor saw it this morning and it was game on!! She had to have a sign for her lake house!. So after a brief consult, this is what she wanted. Hers was 9 x 94 .... Took...
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    Well, this kindof just happened....

    The price was right , so I couldnt turn it down
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    quick poll

    Was wondering how many Pros we have here? semi pros (you make more than $20k/yr woodworking) and hobbyists.
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    Free to good home!

    Delta mobile base , come get it!. Sorry, not meeting, delivering or the like, just need it gone.
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    Drum sanders, Jet, performax et al....

    How many out there have the open style drum sanders? How much paper do you go through?. I have a Jet 22-44 and I had to rewind it 3 times today.... thats ALOT of paper! First of all, how often do you get pitch and gum buildup causing burning?. This is extremely annoying when working with Maple...
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    Heres a scam if ever Ive seen one!
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    Festool 125 Rotex useage question

    I recently bought the Festool 125 Rotex sander. While I am extremely impressed with its ability to remove heavy stock quickly (in ROTEX mode) if need be, im not that impressed when used in standard mode (ROS). While finishing a large island top required some Rotex mode useage, leveling some glue...
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    Festool ROS?

    OK, Ill admit it, Ive become a festool junkie, Domino 700, Ts75 etc....... I figure admitting you have a problem is the start to rehabilitation. I drank the koolaid and well, I was impressed. All joking aside, Im investigating a new festool ROS for general finishing use. Been using Bosch...
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    This looks interesting...
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    Latest Project

    It finally came time to install my latest project. Its in my girlfriends new house shes building. Not sure how much time I have in it, but its alot!. The base is hard maple and plywood construction. The legs are 5" square at the top. It measures 94 x 54 over all. The top is Black walnut, 2"...
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    The "safest" tools and hurrying.....

    I learned a couple valuable lessons last night. One, If youre in a hurry, dont be, the project will be there tomorrow. Two, the tools you take for granted CAN hurt you. Long story short, I was in a hurry to assemble something and needed to open up some holes from 5/16 to 3/8" . So I grabbed my...
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    Delta Benchtop Mortiser

    I have a Delta benchtop mortiser In the box I never use, its just taking up space. MAKE an offer! has 3 chisels. Picture is the same model, not the actual unit but almost never used.
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    DOMINO XL???

    Anyone have a gently used Domino XL theyd like to part with?
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    Well, its IN the shop.......

    It was a struggle getting it in, but its now in....

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