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  1. tri4sale

    Hydraulic Tables

    Anyone use these or similar tables: Trying to find a good way to store some of my smaller benchtop tools (sanders, joiner, etc.) and when needed pull them out and lift up to place onto the benchtop . Will not be...
  2. tri4sale

    Dust Collector Shopping

    Starting to look are upgrading my dust collector, and been looking at the Laguna P-Flux line, specifically the P-Flux 3 (3HP, 220V, Cyclone) My requirements are HEPA filter and cyclone. Want good suction as my primary tool is my CNC and that beast creates dust like crazy. Any other brands...
  3. tri4sale

    Deck Weight Support

    Working with an existing deck, built with 2x10 lumber, trying to calculate the load it can support for a small blow up portable hot tub, around 180 gallons water (so about 1440 pounds of water). Joists are 2x10's that are 12 inch on center. How do you calculate the weight limit for this?
  4. tri4sale

    HVLP Gun Between Coats

    What's the best way to store an HVLP gun between coats of paint without a full cleaning as I wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat of paint, hoping to leave the extra paint in the hopper ready to spray when first coat is dry. Interior Latex paint is what I'm using...
  5. tri4sale

    Cabinet Refinishing

    Getting ready to refinish my cabinets, and everything I've read online and watched on YouTube all say sand the old finish before priming and painting... but nobody says what grit sandpaper to use. Any advice as to what I should sand it before priming?
  6. tri4sale

    Casters w/ long threaded stem

    I need casters that have at least a 2" threaded stem area, and everything I find is 1.5". I've checked all the local stores and nothing over 1.5". Searched Amazon but no luck. Size of wheel isn't as important, this is for a rack that rolls around inside house. Anyone know where to get casters...
  7. tri4sale

    Harbor Freight HVLP Guns

    Has anyone used an Harbor Freight HVLP gun w/ a Fuji Minimite compressor? I have a multi paint color project, and it would be faster and easier with multiple guns rather than cleaning between each paint color. Like this one: 20 oz. HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun
  8. tri4sale

    Upgraded Drill Press (Thanks to Raffle!!)

    Once again wanted to thank everyone who works so hard behind the scenes to keep this site one of my daily stops. I was very lucky this year in the raffle, and wanted to share a photo of my new drill press next to my old drill press (you can see last years bench I won in the raffle on the side...
  9. tri4sale

    HVLP Gun Identification

    Anyone know the model number on this gun, I can't find anything anywhere written on the gun except "Fuji HVLP" and I need to order new nozzle.
  10. tri4sale

    Direct Tools (Smithfield and Mebane) Outlet Sales

    Incredible deals at the Direct Tools store (DirectToolsOutlet Site | Homepage) on Rigid tools, in store only. 75% to 90% off drills and other 18V and 12V and corded tools. Stock varies from store to store. Stopped by today (6/14) and picked up some tools missing from my collection. Factory...
  11. tri4sale

    U-Line Welded Cart - 60x30x58" w/ shelf

    Have a very heavy duty cart for sale. Welded Stock Picker Cart - 60 x 30 x 58" Good shape, 2 available $300 each Message me or give me a call / Text: Nine One Nine Three Three Two Eight Eight Six Zero Info here: Welded Stock Picker Cart - 60 x 30 x 58" H-6126 - Uline (I'll upload...
  12. tri4sale

    What wood is this... Part 2

    Dug out another board, any ideas what it is?
  13. tri4sale

    What wood is this....

    Picked up a trailer today, and it had 10 to 15 planks of this wood: Any guesses as to what it is?
  14. tri4sale

    My Adventures in 3D Printing

    Long post, I'm sure there are errors in my assumptions and how I did things with my first 3D printer, but here's my story.... My Adventures in 3D Printing Research and Deciding What To Buy This was a very long, ongoing process for me. I’ve been looking at and toying with buying a 3D printer...
  15. tri4sale

    Post limit

    I'm working on a rather long post about 3D printers, and just wondering if there is a limit to how long a post can be?
  16. tri4sale

    3D Printers

    So for all you that have a 3D printer in your workshop, couple of questions: 1. What model do you have? 2. What do you like about it? 3. What do you dislike about it? 4. What would you change if buying one today?
  17. tri4sale

    Delete Conversation w/ out reading

    So I along with 67 other particpants was hit by the spammer sending a message. 3 times. How do I delete the message without opening it.
  18. tri4sale

    Cat Tree

    A friend asked me to make a cat tree for her, using real looking branches. Anyone know where to get branches like this, ready to work with. Not sure cutting down a tree would work, no time to dry the wood, and don't want to bring hidden pests into the house :) Any thoughts?
  19. tri4sale

    Composite Deck Stain

    So after about 8 years, I'm thinking I need to refresh my deck. It's composite deck material, and contrary to the advertisements when I bought it (won't crack, fade or stain) it has faded heavily where the sun beats on it all day long. You can see in the picture where the sun hits it and...
  20. tri4sale

    SOLD - Portamate Portacube STR miter saw workstation

    *** SOLD *** Portamate Portacube STR miter saw workstation Very cool stand. Saw spins under and stand converts to a table. Has two adjustable out feed tables. I use mine for a miter saw and have a planer on another one. Very handy stand. Retails $300 on Amazon New in box. $200 Located in...

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