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  1. Kyle

    BBQ October 15th

    I will be having a BBQ on October 15 th for the Charlotte Woodturning group from 10-2. It will be focused on how to prepare a blank, but a slabbing and sawing demonstration will be given as well. Organic smoked Tamworth pork from Grateful Growers (Denver NC) will be served and a variation on...
  2. Kyle

    Slabbing a Red Maple Burl Log

    Here is a Red Maple Burl Log I slabbed out last week.. pretty nice material. Widest point was 36", 91 long and had burl, curl and birdseye to the pith. and the actual slabbing..
  3. Kyle

    19th Century Sea Chest reproduction commission

    This is a finished 19th design Sea Chest made for a client that was out of solid 17" wide curly spalted maple wood, uses copper rosehead nails, hand made becket's for handles and a cedar bottom. Locking mechanism was tricky and used a half mortise German made lock. The dovetails are assembled on...
  4. Kyle

    Why is Box Elder Red?

    Good article discussing the possible causes of Box Elder Red staining and the micro organism behind the coloration.
  5. Kyle

    How Shellac is made

    from Fine woodworking:
  6. Kyle


    Does NCwoodworker allow the use of photo-bucket photos? If not, why?
  7. Kyle

    Burl slabs in restaurant

    This is burl I slabbed out last year that is now in Halcyon restaurant in Charlotte..
  8. Kyle

    See if page displays properly

    I don't want to get into trouble with the admins so I am listing under the off-topic. I am NOT trying to subvert site selling policy, but have implemented a new page on my website and simply want feedback whether you can properly display my ebay store when clicking the link. Some browsers have...
  9. Kyle

    plastic versus wood on cutting boards

    wood is safer..
  10. Kyle

    American Chestnut Burl

    I have this rather large dry burl that I have been told is American Chestnut and I wanted to get a piece tested by a lab that has the capability to analyse and confirm. It is very old, dense (43 pounds), large(18 x 15 x 11) and looks exactly like chestnut burl I have seen in pictures, and...
  11. Kyle

    Box Elder salad Bowl

    Has some nice looking curl, red streaking and blue coloration. [url=][url=]
  12. Kyle

    Pulling logs out of the creek

    Pulled a nice log out of the creek today and I am not sure what it is.. Possibly a walnut, river birch or a sycamore but won't be able to id until it is sawn. The coloration is intense with deep steel blue mineral staining throughout. Can't wait to crack it open...
  13. Kyle

    My 6th bowl..

    Here is my 6th bowl that is from some spalted silver maple burl. I tried to mimic a poached egg. The base is English Walnut. The finish is minwax poly. This was the first bowl with my Easy rougher.. I really like that tool. I just finished my dogwood burl bowl(1st bowl) and made...
  14. Kyle

    Summer Hours

    If this is in the wrong forum category I apologize. My summer mill hours are Tuesday-Saturday 9-5 until late August when my son goes back to school. Thanks! The Sawmill, Ltd Kyle
  15. Kyle

    Burly Silver Maple

    Slabbed out a Monster Silver Maple Burled trunk today.. The size was 48" x 8' and was loaded with burl eyes, swirls and spikes and curl along with spalting.. 10 slabs total at2.5" thick each.. Have another section to saw, but will make 24" wide billets from those.
  16. Kyle

    gloat..big ol burls and curls..must be the season..

    Just got this monster cherry burl in .. 500+ pounds and some of its youngun's This Spalted Curly burly Silver Maple is over 50" in diameter and 14 feet long, heavy solid spalt lines, curl and pock marked with burl caps. It needs to be chopped before sawing since the weight would be crazy...
  17. Kyle

    burls burls burls..

    Just sharing some photos of the monsters I have gotten recently: Holly Burl: Cherry Burl: Big leaf maple Burl ( 1200+ pounds)
  18. Kyle

    8/4 Walnut 100 bf 3.90

    I have a 100 bf available of 8/4 Walnut #1 and better, DRY 6-8 lengths no sap, 6" and wider for only 3.90 a board foot. Thanks, Kyle
  19. Kyle

    One of the largest pines I have seen..

    This tree was taken down last week and Chris and I had the privilege to get it. The logs were 30" in diameter and 13 feet long. The two logs were almost 1000 bf of of old growth short leaf pine. I counted on the fly 175 rings which means this one started as a sapling in 1835. WOW!
  20. Kyle

    Nice burls..eye candy..

    Got into some really nice tight burls.. The apple was some of the largest I have EVER seen, almost 20" across. The pith is minute with no cracking.. looks like a hollow form to me. cherry.. apple.. "tight pith cherry" fun stuff.. will be nice to makes some chips with...

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