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    Murdock lumber is selling almost all lumber

    This! +1 Jack is awesome.
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    Cedar pickets

    Does anyone where know if the cedar pickets from HD are treated with anything or just raw cedar? I'd like to use some of them for grilling...but want to make sure they aren't...
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    Virtual Picnic - May16 4PM Sign up here

    I'm no 'GTM' expert...but I'd encourage everyone to go ahead and click here: It should walk you through either using your browser as a client or downloading the client software, as well as allow you to test everything out ahead of time.
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    New Mantle Installed

    All, Well- we needed a new mantle and we got it! I bought the beam from the Barn Side of a Broad for a good price and got to work. A bit of cleanup and removal of the existing mantel and we were in business. The most awesome part of this was the smell- when you cut something like this- the...
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    Old Barnwood Beam

    The house needed a new mantle and so I went in search of something appropriate. I ended up at 'The Barn Side of a Broad' who has been mentioned here previously. Debbie and her husband were great in helping me get something that suited our needs, were great to work with and the price was right...
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    Urethane bandsaw tires

    I've got a set of brand new tires you can have. They have been sitting in my shop for a year or so...I bought them and then got a new bandsaw entirely....
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    Lovingly Remembered

    Our Condolences. Our thoughts are with you and your family.
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    Earlex 5500 HVLP Spray Station

    PM also sent in case Michael doesn't buy it
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    Biscuit/plate Joiner- Dewalt DW682

    It is sold/donated!! Thanks all.
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    Biscuit/plate Joiner- Dewalt DW682

    *** Update ****: SOLD Used Joiner as pictured below. I've only used it a handful of times. Asking $60 cash _or_ $40 donation to this forum (NCWW).
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    Free lights

    +1 Thanks for everything Phil!
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    Free lights

    Awesome. Will be there!! Thank you!,
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    Free lights

    Phil- I'd love 4 if they are available. Any would be awesome!
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    another table...

    The top is a 'faux' 2 inches thick. 'Faux' because it was only a few inches around the edges in order to keep weigh and cost down a little bit. Here is a picture of the under side during finishing.
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    another table...

    Another dining room table is done. I built a similar table (pedestal style) a while back. This one is different leg design, same top. Ash w/ dark stain. Blatantly copied design from Third Coast Craftsman ( ). The table looks pretty good, but the real success here is the justification for a...
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    Spraying SW ProClassic - Dilution needed? Revisiting (and recanting earlier statements)

    For me- it is lack of knowledge. I’m going to be doing table legs in white soon...will get lots of wear and abuse...can you recommend some reading materials and products for a pre or post cat white tinted lacquer? I’d love to get smarter but a bit of searching leaves me unsure to say the least.
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    Spraying SW ProClassic - Dilution needed? Revisiting (and recanting earlier statements)

    Thanks for the follow up. This is great info. two follow ups 1) did you dilute with water or something else? 2) what tip size did you use? thanks
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    Seeking HVLP gun advice

    Any advise for spraying latex with this gun? I also have it but have never sprayed latex with it...but given the project requests from my wife, it is in my future.
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    Pedestal Table: Completed!

    Tremendous! Looks awesome! Love the 'arch'? detail on the stretcher between the pedestals.
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    What is this called and where can I buy one?

    acorn nut! hole ball knob! thank you! now I know what to look for.... @walnutjerry - not sure why I didn't think of that. I called them- if these other options don't work, I'll bite the bullet and pay the manufacturer for a replacement (which is....expensive...for what it is). Thanks al!

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