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  1. J

    Help, what’s this do/for?

    I posted in another group and the consensus seems to be either some sort of sled jig, a chiropractor table, massage table or a table for more... adult activities
  2. J

    12" Hitachi Sliding Miter Saw $100 (Swannanoa)

    Listing has been deleted
  3. J

    Work Bench, Pegboards and Storage Shelves - $125 (Fletcher)

    About 3 ft too long for where I'm putting my workbench or I'd be on my way
  4. J

    New to me no 6

    I didn't know that it wasn't that critical but should've been more specific. The edge itself was in pretty bad shape, no grinder so attacked it by hand. Much better now but still could use more work. Whoever had it last didn't know how to put one back together so the frog was as far up as it...
  5. J

    New to me no 6

    It appears that its not affecting functionality. Still have some work to do on resetting the angle and sharpening it but its coming together pretty nicely.
  6. J

    New to me no 6

    I have the adhesive sandpaper already. So good to go with that. The paint actually looks pretty good. I'm going to clean it up where it's not supposed to be and leave the rest for now. If I notice issues I'll remove it and give the engine enamel a try. Going off what sourwould said, its...
  7. J

    New to me no 6

    The iron has a slight bend to it, not sure if it was dropped at some point. Top of the tote has a chip in it that makes me think it was dropped. I'll try to take a picture of it off the plane and on it. Maybe the experts here can tell me if it'll be a problem.
  8. J

    New to me no 6

    It is on the bearing surfaces. Also on the sides and bottom of the plane :p Will definitely be removing from those surfaces. Probably the lever cap too, I like the shiny lever cap haha. Thats the feedback I was looking for, don't want to do anything that wouldn't be good for it. I'll go about...
  9. J

    New to me no 6

    Picked this type 13 Stanley No 6 for $30. In the process of cleaning it up best I can now. I've removed most of the rust, need to hit it with a wire wheel to clean it up the rest of the way. The iron definitely needs sharpening, slight regrind to straighten the edge out. Next up is removing...
  10. J

    New Shop - Build Pictures

    Envious of the shop. Not of the HOA. Hardest part about house hunting for me is in the area I'm looking every time I find a house I like it's in a HOA. So I'm switching gears, instead of house hunting I'm land hunting and going to go with an off-frame modular. For lighting, to save space with...
  11. J

    NCWW could use a stimulus

    I really feel bad for all of you, the drawing is on my birthday. Obviously, I'm winning the grand prizes.
  12. J

    Can't find picture/thread of table

    I always love hearing a story, when you're ready to tell it I'm ready to listen! Never done bending, I think those legs are outside of my skillset right now. But its beautiful
  13. J

    Can't find picture/thread of table

    That's it! I thought it might have been yours but was having no luck finding it again. I absolutely love the look of that table!
  14. J

    Can't find picture/thread of table

    A few days ago I saw a thread, not saying 100% it was here but I'm 90% sure it was. There was a picture of a table, want to say it was an entryway/console table. I think it was a walnut base with a maple or other lightwood top, although I might have that reversed. The top kind of "floated", the...
  15. J

    Bradford Pear

    Beautiful. I may have finally found a use for those trees. They stink when blooming!
  16. J

    Craftshows in NC

    I think I'm in the middle, i like the farmhouse style but not the obviously dimensional lumber aspect of most that you see right now. Talking about where they use 2x4s and leave the rounded edges even when gluing two together to make a chunkier leg. I can do without the reclaimed wood but live...
  17. J

    Next part of a recent build

    If you can find a piece of plywood with enough grain/character it would work. Depends on the look you are after. Gluing up will give you a busier more interesting grain when burnt but may distract from the sign. I'm guessing they are wanting the cutouts and not the negative (the sheet/glue up...
  18. J

    Craftshows in NC

    Another thing you can look into is any local farmers market type stores. See if they are interested in renting out a display area, couple shelves or a table, or consignment. If you went the consignment route you just have to make sure their percentage didn't cut into your profit enough that its...
  19. J

    Walnut logs

    :p I did, and it would've been a lot easier. I cut that one when I was out picking up the logs and didn't have a good way to wedge it so I cut it on end. It wasn't fun. Chain wasn't the sharpest before, definitely dull now. I'm flattening one side before I take them over to Bruce where we will...
  20. J

    Walnut logs

    Will do. Hoping to get enough for those jewelry boxes out of it. And mallet head. I have a big piece of rough cut hickory that will be slated for handles

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