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  1. PChristy

    What kind of wood is this

  2. PChristy

    Sawmill vs. Portable mill

    I have maybe 12-14 logs,depends on how I cut them, laying in my yard. Would it be cheaper to take the to a mill or get someone with a portable
  3. PChristy

    Elk Call

    A friend of mine asked me what would be a good weather proof finish to put on some Elk calls that he made. I told him I had no idea but I know some guys who would do I am asking you guys, what would be a good finish for elk calls? Would any clear finish work?
  4. PChristy

    Looking for New lathe

    I will be looking for a new lathe soon and I was wondering if there will be any good sales at the Klingspor extravaganza in October
  5. PChristy

    Maple burl cap

    Anyone know where I can get some Maple burl cap local inthe Piedmont area
  6. PChristy

    Walnut salad bowl question

    My SIL wants me to make her a good size, 12 - 13" dia. at least 8 " deep salad bowl out of walnut. First, Is walnut food safe? Second, should I use a solid piece or glue this up? Thanks
  7. PChristy

    Trade/wood working shows

    How does a person find out about wood working trade shows coming up? I have asked Google but no help there.
  8. PChristy


    My surgery went well to amputate my finger. My friends please be careful
  9. PChristy

    Yellow wood

    I think this might be Mulberry but not sure. Anyone know what it might be? It is very heavy and dense. Log Still wet after being cut couple years back.
  10. PChristy

    Looking for Maple

    Anyone know where I can get soft Maple close to Lexington NC? Looking for 2.5*2.5 to make legs and 1*3 to make the skirt for a display table. Thanks
  11. PChristy

    Green Ambrosia Maple bowl

    Question? I found a short log on the side of I-85 and my daughter's boyfriend got it into my van for me. Looking at it I seen that it was Ambrosia Maple. I have done a couple rough turnings over the last month. I have noticed white fungus coming from it. What do I need to do to kill this fungus...
  12. PChristy

    Old DeWalt RAS question

    We have an old DeWalt RAS at work and we are trying to bring it up to safety code. There is an adjustable bar in front of the blade that has what seems to me kickback fingers. Does anyone know what these are for and how to use them?
  13. PChristy

    Bad accident update

    If these pictures are not allowed please take them down. I will spare you all the original accident pictures. Top two pictures were taking two weeks ago. Bottom two were taking today. PT is coming alone but is painful. I can't bend my thumb nor my middle finger. I show this because I want all of...
  14. PChristy

    Bad accident update 4

    Had to have another skin graft surgery this morning. All went well.right now I have a bad headache. The doctor taped my middle finger and index finger together hoping that the middle finger will pull back some to the original setting. It was leaning to far over to the ring finger and would lie...
  15. PChristy

    Bad accident take 3

    Went to the doctor today to get the stitches out. He got most of them out but couldn't get the others because of the skin growing over them. Sad news is I have to have another skin graft operation. Part of it didn't work. They will take that part off and apply another piece. Ladies and gentlemen...
  16. PChristy

    New Chuck

    Penn State had these on sale plus 15.00$ off of a 99.00$ online order. I thought that I would go ahead and get it but it will be some time before I get to use it.
  17. PChristy

    Bad accident update 2

    Went to the doctor yesterday and he said everything looked good even the skin graft. No infection. He took the pin out of my middle finger and there was no pain. That tells me that my finger is dead for now. However I do have a lot of nerve pain in it so that might be a good sign. I can't bend...
  18. PChristy

    Bad accident update

    I had the skin graft done on July 2nd. Had to go back to ER on the 5th because the pain and swelling was unbareable and I was burning up with cold sweats. They had the bandage on way to tight. Went back to the hand doctor the next morning to get it rewrapped. He said that it all looks good. I...
  19. PChristy

    My turning mates

    You all keep turning these great projects out I hope to be back at it sooner than later
  20. PChristy

    Bad accident

    Just wanted to let you all know that I had a bad accident at work while running the table saw. I won't discuss you with pictures of my hand but I went under 2.5 hour surgery. Everyone please be careful

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