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  1. DavidP

    New shop

    That's beautiful! Very nice.
  2. DavidP

    Oscillating Multi Tool?

    To jump in with my own question, we replaced an over stove microwave with a nice ducted fan. The backsplash of subway tile only came up to the base on the microwave. We bought several months ago a stainless "Tree of life" design tile set to go in the middle over the stove. I need to cut the...
  3. DavidP

    American Trestle Table

    It is beautiful! The cherry will just get better with time. I love walnut too, but with the white base cherry is perfect.
  4. DavidP

    New from Hickory

    Welcome Daniel! I look forward to seeing the trestle table. It sounds as if you are becoming quickly accomplished. As for finishes, I found Odies Oil and few years ago and rarely use anything else. Check it out. I’m in Granite Falls and new here as well. After a 4 yr hiatus I’m getting back to...
  5. DavidP

    Hello Folks

    Welcome Dennis!
  6. DavidP

    Electrical options of r setting up a new shop

    Saturday we will finish up adding a 100A panel to my detached garage. The new panel was only 35’ of cable from my main, and the garage is tied to the house by decking so the run was relatively easy. A friend who does electrical for a local hospital guided me with planning, providing a shopping...
  7. DavidP


    When I had someone a bowl or hollowform and I notice that they almost caress it as they hold it It fills my heart with joy. I usually give it to them on the spot. This may not make sense unless you are a tuner. A well-designed piece just "feels right". Richard Raffin's "Turned Bowl Design"...
  8. DavidP


    I understand. When I get enough time to turn that much I'll be happy to hand them out on the street. :)
  9. DavidP


    One of the most vexing and hilarious questions turners get at shows is “what can you do with it?”. It’s just art. No justification needed. It’s fun, relaxing, challenging, and creative. I doubt I’ll ever sell my work. Too much stress.
  10. DavidP

    DIY countertop

    That’s beautiful! I look forward to seeing the finished counters. Glad you are going with Waterloo, it would be a shame to finish those with anything but a good oil finish. They will be stunning. If you have scrap disposal issues, I will drive to Raleigh for off cuts for turning
  11. DavidP


    Hello! I’m David Propst in Granite Falls, just north of Hickory NC. I am a woodturner getting back to turning after a long hiatus. I started turning 12/31/1999 when I was introduced to the the lathe at a get together of folks from the long defunct Badger Pond forum. Until then I was thinking I’d...
  12. DavidP

    Why I turn...

    Wow. Thanks for posting this. I suspect I’ll read it many times. And all that pecan next door! It’s my favorite wood
  13. DavidP

    Optimum height of lathe?

    For bowl turning the spindle at elbow height is a good starting point. But that should be elbow height with some slight flex at the knees for movement. Adjustable legs on lathes should be a standard thing.
  14. DavidP

    Cutting small parts on a TS

    I needed that yesterday! Rockler Table Saw Small Parts Sled

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