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  1. BobN

    Help, trying to save a Oak top

    I have also had the Hardwood Store in Gibsonville do a Oak table top for me. They did a great job and the price was reasonable. Don't remember exactly what they charged but it must have been fair or I would remember it. Bob
  2. BobN

    Let's choose a finish!

    After reading your question this morning I went and look under my kitchen table. I always put the date that I finish a project on the bottom somewhere. I finished my kitchen table in April of 2000. So it is 15 years old and has held up very well. I am a big fan of Waterlox so that is what I...
  3. BobN

    First router - primary use in table

    I seem to collect routers. I have one Bosch, 3 Milwaukees, and 5 PCs. For table used I like the PC 7518 the best. For hand held used I love my PC 690 with the D handle and for plunge work I like my Bosch the best. Bob
  4. Oak desk

    Oak desk

  5. BobN

    Preferences between barrel-handle and D-handle jigsaws?

    I have both, the Bosch D-handle and a Bosch barrel grip. When I am sawing something that is delicate and I want good control I use the barrel grip saw. When I just want to saw something fast and it doesn't have to be very precise I used the D-handle. Bob
  6. BobN

    Finishing Ash end table

    Made a couple of doors out of ash and finished them with WaterLox. Was very happy with the way they turned out. Bob
  7. BobN

    Cary Area Lunch Bunch Tuesday 2/8/11

    I can make it!!! Bob
  8. BobN


    Went down to Ed D.'s yesterday and picked up the magnolia that he had. I have a lot more than I will ever used, so if anyone wants some send me a PM and come pick it up. It is cut into lenghts of about 18 - 24 inches and they are 12 - 15 inches in diameter. I'm in Cary. Bob
  9. BobN

    Milwaukee router parts???

    Joe, I had the same problem trying to get some parts for my Milwaukee router. It seems that since Milwaukee was purchased by a company from China or Singapore or somewhere over there it is almost impossible to get parts. I was finally able to get my parts from Chris Supply in Raleigh, it...
  10. BobN

    Welding gas

    I get my MIG tank filled (exchanged) at Airgas National Welders - 4822 Industry Lane, Durham. They 're near the RDU airport, just barely in Durham. Bob
  11. BobN

    Minwax Antique Oil Finish

    The last can that I got came from ACE Hardware. It has been a few years so I don't know if they still carry it, but at that time they did. Bob
  12. BobN

    Blasting Soda

    Blasting Soda is for removing old paint from sheet metal. Use soda instead of sand as it doesn't heat up the metal like sand does and therefore doesn't cause any warpping. After the paint has been removed you still have to use sand to get the rid of the rust as soda won't get it. I mess with...
  13. BobN

    do you have a TV in your shop

    Used to, took it out about 15 years ago, now used a radio. Found the TV to be to distracting. Bob
  14. BobN

    Apex lunch bunch

    Steve, you can add me to the list if it's not to late. Bob
  15. BobN

    Leigh D4 Dovetail Jig

    Sorry Warren, but I'm still going to have to disagree with you. I just finish a coffee table for my son that had 4 drawers, the front of the drawers was 3/4" stock and the other 3 sides (including back) was 1/2" stock. On the D4 you can make all 4 sides different size stock if you want...
  16. BobN

    Leigh D4 Dovetail Jig

    With the Leigh D4 the boards DO NOT have to be the same thickness. I have made drawers where the front of the drawer is 3/4" stock while the sides and back are 1/2" stock. Just requires adjusting the router bit height for the different panel. Bob
  17. BobN

    What happening at Steel City?

    Three of Steel City Tools top level managers jumped ship and went to work for General Tools. It will take some time for Steel City to recover from this. The new General table saw has a granite top just like Steel City's and from the same vendor. Bob
  18. BobN

    wet sanding for good finish

    John, You don't want to use a wax for the final step, you want to use a polish. My other hobby besides wood working is messing with old cars, I've painted a few. I use Meguiar's #7 for the final step, you can get it in places like Pep boys. Meguiar's Mirror Glaze hand polish also works well, but...
  19. BobN

    Need a crowd to make this happen ...

    If you can get the price down to $5-$6/bd ft, I would be interested in about 40 -50 bd ft. Bob
  20. BobN

    Lumber yards

    I get my sheet goods (plywood, mdf, etc) at Wurths on Poole rd. in Raleigh. Their prices are little on the high side but their plywood is the best I have found in the area, plus their stock is all America made, none of the Chinese junk. For hardwood I go the Hardwood Store in Gibsonville. I...

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