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    Advice on a chuck

    I've had a stronghold chuck for over 25 years and like it. I purchased a Barracuda4 chuck several years ago from Penn State as well, The PS chuck comes with 4 sets of jaws and a screw chuck which makes it a great buy. I don't think the PS chuck is made as well as the stronghold, but it is made...
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    Starting a Clamp Collection

    I have done what you mention for the HF aluminum bar clamps. I purchased 12 48" clamps for a single use and stiffened them with SYP. I cut the wood a little fat and knocked them in by tapping wood end on the floor. I thought they worked well, but I have used them only the one time.
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    1940s Dunlap 103-0603 Lathe Restoration

    Hello. If you have not yet found a drive center I have one with a 5/8" bore you can have. I have a dead center bored to the same diameter. Let me know. I will put them in the mail.
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    Plane plain facts?

    Send Patrick an email. He has more than what you see on his list/
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    Plane plain facts?

    One of the magazines or on line publications reviewed and compared the LN vs Veritas shoulder planes once. They liked both, but gave the nod to Veritas. I have neither. I have purchased WR in the past and found them well made. I have a 4-1/2 that is at least as good as an old bedrock 4-1/2 I...
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    Plane plain facts?

    You can look at Patrick Leach's tools. He puts out a monthly list of used tools in all price ranges. He is a Stanley expert. None of his tools are refurbished, but they can be used as is. You have to request being added to his mailing list. He is what he has for April. Real tools at realistic...
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    NArex Chisels - Richter/95/Paring

    Before I retired, I traveled to Atlanta 3x per year. I liked the trips because I could visit Highland. Not having enough chisels, I bought a set of Stanley 750 clones about 10 years ago to go with the unmatched old 750s/720s I had. Maybe about 2015 I brought home a boxed set of Narex "pro"...
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    Cutting a groove for stringing

    These tools are pretty simple to make. The cutters are available from Lie Nielsen at a modest price. The tool on the left is for sizing the stringing and the right is a radius tool. For straight lines I use a scratch stock with the LN cutter. I made these using guidance from a site I cannot...
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    Replacement Planer Motor

    Thanks. This motor is a 1" shaft. I have several other blank sheaves of the right size that can be bored to a new shaft diameter. My original question should have been, "Anyone with a 12" parks let me know what your motor looks like".
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    Replacement Planer Motor

    Thanks for the reply, Bob. The motor on this machine is a Kelvinator 1-1/2 HP. It is 1760 RPM and 11.6 amps. I have no idea what it was originally used for. The base/cart are home made fabricated steel and shaft diameter of a new motor does not matter. I think just about anything can be made to...
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    Replacement Planer Motor

    It has lost power and smells of burning. If it wasn't so old I would take it in for repairs.
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    Replacement Planer Motor

    Any suggestions for a replacement motor for a Parks 12" planer? The current motor is 1-1/2 HP and very large compared to modern motors. It dates to the late 40s with the planer. I'm mostly looking for opinions on HP and RPM.
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    Cypress for drawers?

    I use cypress for drawer bottoms. It works easily and has a slight pleasant fragrance.
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    Laguna 14|12 w/ Mobility Kit - $1000 (Raleigh) -- GONE

    This is a good saw. Dust collection works as well as anything I have seen. The motor supports resawing 7-1/2" cherry and maple with no hesitation. Not sure if I would pay $1000 for a used one.
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    Thoughts on diamond stones

    I have the DMT dia-sharp 3x8 stones and they work well. Xcoarse to flatten a waterstone, a course, fine, and extra fine. I use the fine and extra fine mostly. DMT probably has a reference to compare grit with mesh size. I've had the Fine for many years and it still cuts well.
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    Pencil Boxes

    A search for hand pane thicknessing jig will show some easy ways to get the thin stock you are looking for. Here are a few other boxes to occupy some time.
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    Veneer Problem

    Have you considered using 3/4 plywood or MDF on the outside of each side and cauls to distribute the clamping pressure? I have done this with success. I put waxed paper between the plywood or MDF and the veneer sheets in case any glue bleeds through.
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    Jointer Blades

    Amazon sells these and I have found them OK. POWERTEC HSS Replacement Knives for Craftsman 6-1/8" #922995 - Jointer Knives - Vintage has the manual in pdf.
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    Epoxy Selection

    Jamestown Products sells a thickened epoxy called Totalboat Thixo. I use the fast cure which in warm weather is about an hour working time. It is in a caulking tube. I do not use the mixing tip; just push out what I think is needed. It is thick and does not slump so it can be used upside down...
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    Anyone have any handsaw's laying around?

    The Great Adirondack Tool Company has a few saws. I have purchased from him in the past and was satisfied.

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