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  1. tri4sale

    Incra Jig Ultra

    Do you still have the VHS tape?
  2. tri4sale

    Construction lumber prices

    and that's why I choose to not replace my raised garden beds this year, too expensive, I'll just use the ones I have another year or two, or three if prices stay where they are.
  3. tri4sale

    10 in outdoor wooden letters

    HDU comes in thicknesses from 1/2" upto 12"
  4. tri4sale

    10 in outdoor wooden letters

    HDU is designed for long lasting, lower maintenance. Wood signs can often need repainting every year or so to prevent water getting to the wood and causing rot or other damage. HDU signs don't rot. I've got a neighborhood sign I did in HDU about 4 or 5 years ago that looks like the day it was...
  5. tri4sale

    New 10x20 Shed/Shop

    I have the same setup, panel at the meter, and then panel inside the house. As long as the capacity is there, you can tap into it. I know when I looked into it for my detached shop I would have to drive a ground rod at the shop electrical panel.
  6. tri4sale

    10 in outdoor wooden letters

    I would make them out of HDU, more expensive but holds up to the weather much better. Your over 4 hours from me, so I'd have to ship anything made down to you.
  7. tri4sale

    10 in outdoor wooden letters

    Where are you located?
  8. tri4sale

    Construction lumber prices

    It's not going to end, once the market has adapted to higher prices, there is no incentive for the seller to reduce prices. When gas hit $4/gallon everyone started charge gas surcharges and raising prices. When gas hit $2/gallon those extra charges didn't go away.
  9. tri4sale

    NC Sales Tax Exemptions

    End user is ultimately responsible for paying sales tax, the seller's collect as a convenience (a convenience for the state, not for the buyer)
  10. tri4sale

    New 10x20 Shed/Shop

    I use these for my miter saw and planer: My router table just on a rolling cabinet base. I'd skip the extra door, if the building is 20feet long, you won't need doors on both sides.
  11. tri4sale

    New 10x20 Shed/Shop

    I have a 12x20 shop out back, and I have the tools in there on carts so I can roll out what I'm using to the center of the space and work there, or sometimes I'll roll it outside and use it there. In that area I wouldn't worry about permanent space for DC duct work, just use a flex hose and...
  12. tri4sale

    Anarchist's Workbench

    Just don't get it confused with the Anarchist Cookbook.
  13. tri4sale

    New IoT "tool for hand tool woodworkers

    Actually this would be a pretty cool addon to lots of tools, and good way to track usage and wear and tear on blades. (and yes, I know it's an April fools joke)
  14. tri4sale

    NC Sales Tax Exemptions

    I've got a little experience with this, but sadly I've learned many vendors are not familiar with it. A lot of contractors still do not charge taxes when doing projects that they should be charging, and remember if they don't the end buyer is ultimately responsible for paying sales tax. You...
  15. tri4sale

    So they are called PAPR

    You haven't been used car shopping in awhile....
  16. tri4sale

    Question on Nova drill press

    As long as it's plugged in and booted, you can use it on and off at will.
  17. tri4sale

    Have a small CNC job

    If you can't find anyone closer, let me know, but I am about 2 hours east of you
  18. tri4sale

    CNC endmill sharpening?

    This is very accurate, so it depends on what you are using the bit for. Precise 3D carving I'd not use a re-sharpened bit. Cutting out some plywood or maybe a PVC sign where if it's off slightly will never be noticed, sure $16 better than $40 to $50
  19. tri4sale

    Dust Build-up in CV1800 - Suggestions?

    Time for some videos of the unit in operation, only so much you can guess at with just a few pictures.
  20. tri4sale

    Hydraulic Tables

    Thanks, saw a tilting one that looks nice, but too pricey for me to justify.

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