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  1. Cuprousworks

    For Sale DW364 7 1/4" HD circular saw

    Selling off some older tools I'm just not using - DW364 circular saw kit. Probably 30 years old, but only light homeowner use over that time. Some of us may be old enought to remember the B&D Industrial Sawcat - this is that saw rebadged as Dewalt. $145.00 This is a old-school war horse: 15...
  2. Cuprousworks

    DeWalt DW733 planer - $250 Chapel Hill

    DeWalt DW733 Benchtop Planer For Sale $250, in Chapel Hill Very good condition All documentation (complete parts list, instruction manual), extension tables, 2 sets of blades and and dust chute included. Specs: 120 vac, 15 amp Cutter head speed=10,000 RPM Work feed rate=26 FPM Planing...
  3. Cuprousworks

    MHG Bench/Firmer 6 Chisel Set

    Unused in box, still have factory grind. 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, and 1" Marked, "Chrom- Vanadium, Made in Germany". Steel ferrules and bolsters, hornbeam handles. In hardwood case. These are probably equvalent to Narex brand. Purchased from Hartsville Hardware, this may have been their store...
  4. Cuprousworks

    Free Magazines

    Old school paper - can't guarantee every issue is there, but general dates: Fine Woodworking c1999 -2006 American Woodworker c2002 -2012 Popular Woodworking Aug 2011- Nov 2012 Various others, including Wood. Pickup in Chapel Hill Mike
  5. Cuprousworks

    Free- framed pegboard w/hangers

    This was made for an exhibition and no longer needed. 50"x37.5" framed, ID is 47"x34". With roughly 24 steel hangers a d plastic tie-downs. Free for pickup in Chapel Hill or RTP. Mike
  6. Cuprousworks

    Table saw adjustments

    Today when ripping some boards I noticed a gap between boards and fence at the end of the table. A quick check showed the fence face significantly (maybe 3/16ths?) Out of parallel with the miter slot. I adjusted it to be parallel, but I wonder: 1. How often should a table saw setup be checked...
  7. Cuprousworks

    Ignore User

    The last post to describe how to ignore a user was in 2015 and may be outdated. I can see the Ignore list in my preferences but don't see how to edit. Help, please! Mike
  8. Cuprousworks

    Source for Maple-look Melamine near Raleigh?

    Anyone know where to find light wood-grained color melamine sheets? Want to add a couple of shelves to existing kitchen cabinets with shelves, and we can only find white. LOML would like them to all be wood-toned and I'm trying to get out of finishing veneered plywood ;) Capital City...
  9. Cuprousworks

    Rare and Imaginary Tools

    I am exhibiting my tool collection in May: To be clear, these aren't tools, they're my sculptures based on tools. Many are based on woodworking tools, I think this group might especially appreciate a few of them. Or maybe just be more confused? My website is under construction now, but...
  10. Cuprousworks

    Anyone know how to get Matte finish on epoxy?

    I need to use clear epoxy on some bark. I'd like it to be as unnoticeable as possible while keeping it clear. Any thoughts? I'm considering finishing the epoxy surface with matte fixative, but not sure if it'll adhere, and with lots of nooks and crannies I expect it wouldn't be a consistent...
  11. Cuprousworks

    Source for claw and ball legs

    Is there a source for b&c carved legs? I need one for a project that will modify and re-purpose. I've been looking for used/damaged furniture but wondered if they are available as furniture parts. Mike Chapel Hill
  12. Cuprousworks

    Thoughts on boring concentric hole in end of baseball bat

    I need to drill a hole in the fat end of a baseball bat so I can insert a peg to rotate the bat. I would like for it to be parallel with the bat to minimize wobble. Any suggestions on how to bore the hole when the reference surfaces are tapered? Mike
  13. Cuprousworks

    Laser routing and engraving

    A recent email from Woodcraft has me thinking about the capabilities of laser routers. Anyone know of a shop that can do a couple of small, one-off pieces? Given the investment I'm guessing most businesses are set up for bigger jobs or production work. Thanks, Mike
  14. Cuprousworks

    Shop Tables plus stealth gloat

    Quick, look away if you seek fine woodworking. This is shop furniture - primitive and functional working tables. A couple years ago a Raleigh lumberyard offered 10’ 4x6 SYP timbers for dirt cheap. Being of the frugal sort I picked up a load and stickered them in my shop for a couple of years...
  15. Cuprousworks

    Walnut for Steam Bending

    I'm looking for wood that can be steam bent - the Lee Valley guide suggests domestic hardwoods air dried to around 20%. Any ideas where I can find air dried lumber in the triangle area? Mike Chapel Hill
  16. Cuprousworks

    Plumbing Puzzle

    Before I surrender and call in a plumber I thought that I would ask the collective wisdom for ideas about a plumbing conundrum. Problem is kitchen sink hot watter pressure fluctuating. After about 1 minute of normal flow of hot it mysteriously slows to about half flow. This is the only outlet...
  17. Cuprousworks

    IF you are a Duke Power Customer in NC...

    You might be eligible for some free Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs.... Check it out here: I just received mine today - they look like they'll work fine and the price is right! Mike
  18. Cuprousworks

    Delta AP100 Air Cleaner with Work Light - Clearance Sanford

    I stopped by the Stanford store yesterday in seach of the Bies clearance (no deal, they're evidently sold since thursday) but I noticed they had the air cleaner with worklight on clearance, $69 (I think). Hint: someone on mentioned getting it for $50 complete with the display...

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