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    Bondo or Famowood?

    I would use Remington .22 Cal.
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    Lumber prices

    What are you building with all that 8/4?
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    Starting a Clamp Collection

    For $200 you can put together 5 , 48" long 3/4" pony pipe clamps. Lowes sells the pipe for about $22 Im of the thought buy it once, buy it right.
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    Starting a Clamp Collection

    Sound advice from Roy. I watch craigslist, FB marketplace etc and yardsales etc and buy them whenever I find them. I have a "wall of clamps" now, been collecting them for 30 yrs.
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    Rookie mistakes

    Reminds me of my brand new circular saw... The first woodworking tool I bought. Set it down and cut the cord clean off, first cut!.
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    10 in outdoor wooden letters

    I have some cedar.... ill have to see if I have enough
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    Steel building

    I would think for lumber storage, if kiln dried, youd want climate control?. If so, I would forego the steel building all together and stick build it. Because at some point youre gonna want to finish the inside. I went through this thought process when I built my shop. Steel shells are cheap...
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    Non Woodworking, But does involve trees.

    Its woodworking... who knew?
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    10 in outdoor wooden letters

    Coming off of my CNC.... what do you need? what material would you like them made from?
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    Construction lumber prices

    And $6-7 for a 2x4...... ????
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    Mistakes in the wood shop

    This is what im talking about.... easy to establish a standard stile/rail deduction constant. Or even put them in excel, if you MUST vary something. But it enables easier setup as well. Metric? Could do it but ....nahhhhh not how I think in the shop.
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    Mistakes in the wood shop

    As a semi-professional woodworker, ( I only do this part time on the side) I have come to the realization that I needed to establish my own "standards" in the shop. What do I mean by this?. Well, that can be a bit hard to define but rather than allowing customers to dictate every little thing...
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    Need pine cheap

    come get some!
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    its not about spindle RPMs its about tip speed of a MUCH larger cutter diameter.
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    Need pine cheap

    can you use the aspen?
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    Makers Mark

    I use this....
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    Need pine cheap

    Im not sure about 12" wide pine, but Ive got Tons of 6/4 x 4 aspen. what are you making?
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    Need pine cheap

    how much do you need?
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    Southern Cellarette

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    Damaged jointer. Repair or replace?

    Is there another way to lock the infeed table height other than that detent block? Does the table seem to move ok even though part of the dovetail is broken? If so, you can probably use it as is.

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