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    Barnwood - first time and probably my last

    I have wirked with bsrn wood alot and here is my advice on the subject matter. KISS keep it simple and you knoe the rest. Barn wood is selected for its look. So work with that look. You wouldnt psint latex paint on a Rembrandt would you? Provincial or natural stain mimics the color can...
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    Aftermarket TS options - recommendations welcome

    I have the Super Cool Tools and have had it for 3 years. The thing is built like a tank. Its repeatablity is awesome and i have never had to re aligin the fence. The 80-20 aluminum extrusion is wonderful to hang a sacrifical fence off of. I have the Jesum clearcut stock guides which hang off of...
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    Dust Build-up in CV1800 - Suggestions?

    Could be two things the filter is dirty and not allowing full airflow. Static electricity is an other
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    Dust colletion pipe

    Why not just use HVAC spiral pipe? Its cheaper in that size and almost all larger installs are done that way.
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    Making a Fence for Delta 14 Bandsaw

    There are magnetic fences that work grest. They can be positioned any were on the table and you dont have to have any hardware attached to the saw. I have the Carter and Magswitch both are good fences.
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    Bandsaw fence

    Yupe a magnetic fence is what you need. Carter also sells set up blocks which are magnetic so you can stack them to get you distance.
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    Best glue for cork on vise?

    I am thinking contact cement. Cork is nice but it degrades quickly and needs to be replaced.
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    20" Planer in Wilmington!!

    I have the Delta 24 inch model and it weighs 2400 lbs.
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    Which grease for gears and trunnions?

    I use a dry lube such as graphite so nothing sticks to it. NAPA sells cans of it cheap.
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    Squaring dilemma - Jointer

    I agree with gotcha experince is the sum of all mistakes and i am very experienced.
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    Jointer Damage

    You could weld it but cast iron requires preheat and post cooling. It also takes high nickle content rods then you have to machine the weld. Inuder werds its a lot of work with out alot of benifit. If it were me i would file the sharp edges and call it done and if you are ever questioned about...
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    Mini-split installation

    Room temperature doesn't have anything to do With how well your dehumidifing. Coil temp does typically a coil is 18 to 20 degrees cooler than the return air temp. And as long as your below the dew point you will dehumdify provided your not adding more moisture to the air than you can pump out.
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    Air Compressor Recommendations

    The rule of thumb on horsepower versus CFM is 3CFM per 1 horse power
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    Mini-split installation

    All units come precharged. Yes you can install the system [rough in]and have a tech come out and evacuate the lines and commission the system. I used to be a hvac contractor and can tell you you may save a couple hundred. But honestly just have a pro install it. They have access to all the...
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    Johnny Walker new "Bottle"

    Geez guys what is one supposed to do in a bar fight with a paper bottle? It just dawned on me you bore the enemy with a class on origami!
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    Mini-Split unit kicked breaker

    I have worked in HVAC for over 40 years. And I'm astounded at how many people can be armchair quarterbacks on troubleshooting. Do you think condensation might have had an effect on the motherboard. But since you're tripping the breaker I would suspect you have a ground fault at the compressor...
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    Need Help...Electrical problem with Grizzly 20" planer

    Starting a electric motor can be 7 times the FLA or full load amps. So to see a momentary spike of over a 100 is nothing to worry about. A 50 amp breaker is a little large but not enough to worry about as long as you don't put an additional heavy load on it. But seeing that you have arc flash...
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    Need Help...Electrical problem with Grizzly 20" planer

    Look inside your receptacle since that's where the flash is coming from. Chances are you have a loose connection there

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