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  1. LocoWoodWork

    New shop intern

    Was at the tablesaw yesterday and noticed something in my peripheral vision. Turns out my 8 y/o granddaughter's mini horse decided to inspect the shop. Don't think he liked the stool as he knocked it over.
  2. LocoWoodWork

    Another Maloof based quarantine rocker.

    QSRO with walnut dowels. One coat of oil so far. Will get better pics after finish is complete.
  3. LocoWoodWork

    Festool RO125 arrived

    Ordered it from Klingspor on Tue it arrived today! Spent all afternoon familiarising myself with it on a Maloof style rocker. I'm definitely impressed with the sanding and dust collection. Costly but worth it IMO. Thanks for your input. Steve
  4. LocoWoodWork

    Seeking advice before possible purchase of Festool RO 125

    I have used Dewalts, Bosch to date. I have recently been having the tingling hand syndrome while sanding rockers. Considering the purchase of an RO 125. Read/watched a lot regarding the RO 125. Cost lots of $$$ but is it worth it?
  5. LocoWoodWork

    Radial Arm Saw

    Not mine, etc...
  6. LocoWoodWork

    Powermatic Planer Sharpening Grinder

    Looking for a PM sharpener at a reasonable price.
  7. LocoWoodWork

    Quarantine Rocker Finished!

    Here's my second Maloof based rocker. Seat and headboard are black walnut, legs and slats RO, slats and runners are WO. All it needs now is sanding, sanding, sanding and more sanding then some finish.
  8. LocoWoodWork

    Dust collector

    Not mine/Not endorsing/FYI Dust collector/wood working
  9. LocoWoodWork

    Final Post - My attempt at a Maloof style rocker

    A Maloof style rocker has been in my bucket list for a long time. Have read tons of literature, watched most youtube but was always chicken. Three + years ago I felled and sawed a very large RO and have made dozens of projects with the lumber. Got lots of RO... why not make a rocker? Finally...
  10. LocoWoodWork

    RO Pedestal Table

    Making my first attempt at a pedestal table. Two laminated 12"x 12" pedestals, 54" X 106" top. This is also headed to Tampa, FL. Material will be QSRO. Top boards are 18" X 8/4. So far I have the pedestals and associated base material roughed out. Didn't know what I was getting into but...
  11. LocoWoodWork

    Barn Doors

    Made a couple of barn doors which will shortly be Tampa, FL bound. Constructed of RO, 30" X 84" each. Still Need to apply finish, attach front and rear handles, hanging hardware will be installed on site. Also working on a two pedestal dining table, will describe in separate post.
  12. LocoWoodWork

    Delta Woodworking Machines CL

    Not mine... don't know, FYI
  13. LocoWoodWork


    Would phenolic work as a replacement face/board for a biesemeyer fence? I know nothing about phenolic other than a few words it rhymes with... plutonic, bubonic, atomic....
  14. LocoWoodWork

    Finally found me a planer!

    To date I have been using an Arrow 2030 (Makita 2030 under Arrow brand). The Arrow is a combination planer/jointer I p/u for free which had the cast motor mount broken off and missing. I mounted a motor underneath it and fabricated a pulley to match the 8 V head pulley and 7000 rpm specs. It...
  15. LocoWoodWork

    Farm table build

    Making a rustic farm table for youngest daughter. Most of the wood is RO which has been air drying for nearly three years. The legs are 3"X4"X29" rough cut pine, tapered bottom insides and notched on top outsides to accept the skirts. She wants it rough looking and prefers the stain/weathered...
  16. LocoWoodWork

    Carter Guides/Northfield BS

    New guides arrived yesterday, now I have more invested in them than what I paid for the saw, replacement parts, paint, etc... My son in law reminded me to add the hours upon hours of man hours I have invested in the restoration. At $ 2.00 an hour that should not add much to the total price...
  17. LocoWoodWork

    Northfield 32 BS Before and almost After

    Finally got everything ready waiting on the guides. I've been reading about guides. Seems like Carter are very popular but I've also read that the Jasper brand have good reviews. Any input, suggestions will be greatly appreciated, Steve
  18. LocoWoodWork

    Northfield BS Update-New Table Insert-Wheels Installed

    Fabricated a new table insert out of 1/4" aluminum with two threaded holes. Four adjustment screws allow user to set the insert flush with the table top. Once flush, two screws (screwed in from bottom of table) are used to hold insert in position.
  19. LocoWoodWork

    Crowning 32" BS Tires on Wood Lathe

    Finally got around to crowning the tires on the 32" BS I am refurbishing. Using a metal lathe I turned a 4.25" (L) round bar down to 1.25"OD X 3.25"(ID and width of the BS wheel) and the remaining 1" down to 1.095" to fit the collet on my homemade wood lathe. After locking the 1" end into the...
  20. LocoWoodWork

    Advice about Oliver Planer Model 199 24"

    Does anyone have any information/advice about a Model 199 Oliver 24" planer. Would like to hear the good, bad and the ugly. Looking at one but not sure. Three phase is not an issue. Thanks, Steve

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