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  1. Bear Republic

    Baltic Birch 18mm in Durham

    Saw a post in FB Marketplace for some Baltic Birch Ply if anyone is interested. 5’x5’ $30 per sheets, Baltic Birch 18mm(3/4”) B/BB
  2. Bear Republic

    Looking for my first lathe

    I'm looking to finally get into turning. I'm keeping my eyes out for Lathes but I figured if anyone had one collecting dust or looking to upgrade, I'd ask here also. I would like something in the following requirements: $300-800 range Open to mini/midi lathes and full size, I may go small at...
  3. Bear Republic

    Spalted maple

    Is there a way to stop the spalting process on some maple? I've most likely have some spalted maple to mill from some logs. Does it just continue to degrade? Looking for some education. Thanks in advance.
  4. Bear Republic

    Dining room chairs

    Does anyone have a wholesale source for unfinished dining room chairs? Looking at building some tables and don't want to take the time to build the chairs also.
  5. Bear Republic

    Klingspor's having a virtual Woodworking Extravaganza!!!

    I thought I missed the memo but searched the site and didn't see anything about it so I don't feel too bad about not knowing..... Luckily I saw a banner at the top of the page and scratched my head for a second until I saw the word "Virtual". Congrats Coleman, on...
  6. Bear Republic

    Laguna Revo 18-36 220v -> 110v?

    Anyone know if the Laguna Revo 18-36 220v 2hp version can be rewired to run on 110v? Looking at a used one but don't have be 220v at the moment but most likely will down the road. Also anyone that has a 18-36, how do you like it, best feature, pros & cons. Thanks in advance!
  7. Bear Republic

    Popular Woodworking - Interviews from all 50 states.

    Popular Woodworking has an interview series going on where they interview a woodworker from each of the States. Interview with Peter Griffin of Ohio
  8. Bear Republic

    Johnny Walker new "Bottle"

    Johnny Walker Whisky now has a "wooden bottle". In an effort to be more "green", they have developed a paper pulp formed bottle. Interesting idea, but the new paper straws aren't worth a darn.... Does that mean you need to drink it faster? would be a win win at least with a good whisky. ;)
  9. Bear Republic

    Katz-Moses Shop Apron

    Jonathon of Katz-Moses Woodworking has developed for production his apron. He's offering a good deal on it at regular price but with the launch it has a special ($37.99)for the launch along with some drawings. It's got some great features, and quality to match all that he does. An there's...
  10. Bear Republic

    Lost Art Press "The Anarchist's Workbench"

    The Lost Art Press has produced another book in their Anarchist's series. Christopher Schwarz wrote this one on building a workbench. It's being printed and will be available in August($27), but if you want an electronic copy you can download it now for FREE!!!! Just jump on the link below...
  11. Bear Republic

    Must be more too the story

    Was looking through Facebook marketplace and came upon this saw needing to be rehomed... But there must be more to the story .
  12. Bear Republic

    Is a Byrd Shellix cutterhead worth the money?

    Looking at a DeWalt planer DW735 with Byrd Shellix cutterhead. What about it makes it worth the investment? Thanks for your opinions.
  13. Bear Republic

    Deal or No Deal on Bowl Lathe?

    Wood Bowl Lathe came across this posting on CL. Seems like a good deal to be able to turn bowls and the such. Opinions greatly appreciated. I'm in the market for a lathe and i think I'll be don't mostly bowls and small projects. I like the idea of being able to turn larger things in the...
  14. Bear Republic

    Izzy Swan's Klingspor Adventure

    I was catching up on my YouTube videos and saw a new one from Izzy Swan. He's opening a new shop called Maker's Playground. Guess who helped him set up the Shop??? Our local celebrity Coleman. Great video! Izzy's reaction to...
  15. Bear Republic

    Coming Soon: Laguna Revo 1216

    Jay of Jay's Custom Creations is showing off the new Laguna Revo 1216. It is supposed to be released at the end of the year and was shown off at the IWF in Atlanta this year. He makes a 15" Candy Dish out of Babinga. The new lathe looks like it has some great potential for a smaller...
  16. Bear Republic

    Woodshop for sale in Wake Forest on CL

    Guy in Wake Forest is selling of his equipment.Tablesaw, jointer, scrollsaw, dustcollector, air cleaner, bandsaw. They were posted about 3:00 today. mix of brands.
  17. Bear Republic

    New Youtube series from Kats-Moses - Joint of the Week

    If you have not checked out Katz-Moses Youtube channel go take a peek. He shares some great skills. He just started a new series Joint of the Week. His first is the Castle joint. Very good explanation and example.
  18. Bear Republic

    New contest!

    I'd like to celebrate my hitting 500 posts with a little fun. To participate all you have to do is leave a reply with a tip or something you find useful dealing with woodworking. Since I just received the goodwill lathe I'd like lathe tips, but it can be anything you feel is worth sharing...
  19. Bear Republic

    Tool Rehoming

    Found a couple of tools from Craigslist that needed a new home. Lucky I they both had ridiculously low adoption fees. Running around the shop are a well used workhorse (Delta Sanding Station model 31-280 6" belt/ 12" disk) and a spring chicken(Craftsman Scrollsaw and custom stand). Nred to...
  20. Bear Republic

    Evolution of Jointery

    In my recent travels of the web, I have noticed a change, at least I think, in the types of joints people are using. I can see how pocket holes have overtaken mortise and tenons. They are a lot quicker, but I feel "traditional" woodworkers probably sticking with M&T joints. I see less use...

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