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    Lumber prices

    As I said in my earlier post, I'm happy to coordinate a wish list. So far I have curly maple and cherry for Jeremy and Mike. I also want some "plain" cherry in 12/4 and 4/4 as well as some maple, curly maple and I can always use more walnut. If others want to either reply or PM their wish...
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    Lumber prices

    Thanks for doing this, maybe we could suggest a donation to NCWW. I am happy to coordinate the wish list if that will help. And I do have one question, what would you consider a reasonable minimum order per type of wood? also - I just looked at your website - beautiful work!
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    Lumber prices

    I'm always in for a lumber run! And my project list from my wife is so long that I don't need to hide it...of course there may be a few extra boards that I need just in case.
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    I just finished a toy chest for my first grandchild. It's walnut with "blocks" from maple, bloodwood and yellow heart. I've also been making a lot of cutting boards and playing with various optical illusions. I'm working on 3 tables for various family members (1 for me) right now. I attached...
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    Apple Country Woodcrafters

    My sister lives near asheville and is thinking of joining Apple Country. She has very limited experience with woodworking so she'll need some training. I'd love to get your thoughts - is this the right group? Any better suggestions? I am sure there is considerable membership overlap with...
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    Call out highlighting top notch support

    Klingspor has always been great. I have had great support from Rockler too. They are always friendly and willing to help.
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    Contractor vs. Cabinet vs. Hybrid Saw

    I faced this same decision last year. In my case it was if I bought a contractor saw then I could get a band saw as well. I made the decision to get the 220V Sawstop cabinet saw and have never regretted it. My shop is fairly small so I also got the Sawstop integrated mobile base. Although...
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    The only thing worse than a table saw accident...

    I worked with middle-schoolers on after school projects in the woodshop for several years and drilled all the safety measures people have listed above into them. Then I ran a 3/32 kerf through my thumb tip. Again - I was following all the safety process but something kicked back and it...
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    Hello From Greensboro

    Wow - beautiful work. Welcome. Can you share how you did the white spots in the burled box?
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    Northern Tools Now Stocks Rockler

    If you just sign up for their email list then Rockler always does free shipping.
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    Power Tool Table Polish

    A related question: what do you do when you do get those small rust spots? I recently got a new SawStop (which is great) and am starting to get those unavoidable small scratches and dings. The shop is climate controlled and I'm trying to keep a coat of wax.
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    Power Tool Table Polish

    Another vote for Johnson's Paste wax.
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    Well, since I was a scientist for 40 years before retiring, I think I'll do a little research and run some experiments ;-).
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    I guess I should have been clearer; I know it will eventually darken. What I noticed was the immediate change to one piece while the other has retained its color for over 6 months. I'd like to delay the inevitable for as long as possible.
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    I have worked with purpleheart quite a bit but and have tried a number of finishing methods. The "common wisdom" has been that purpleheart will darken to a plum color when finished but using UV resistant poly can slow the change. I recently got a couple of really nice dark boards and am once...
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    Bar Clamps

    I've been using my 20 year old pipe clamps for, well, 20 years with no problems but find that I need a few more. So I and am going to be acquiring a few new bar clamps and am would like to draw on the extensive experience in this forum. Is it worth it to get the Bessey steel clamps or are...
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    Mesquite box

    That is beautiful. I've never even seen mesquite wood anywhere. How is it to work with?
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    Hall Table

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    Hall Table

    For the legs I used 1 1/2 maple and sheathed it in 1/4 sapelle. I made a jig to hold the legs at a 45 degree angle and then tapered the legs on the corner rather than the flat side. I didn't draw up plans for any of this but I have attached a picture of the jig. It is just a flat board with...
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    Hall Table

    Hi Joe, No plan, Just the dimensions that it was supposed to fit. I pretty much made it up as I went. Bill

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