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  1. Berta


    That’s beautiful!
  2. Berta

    Getting Rid of Sharp Corners

    I use sandpaper and my hand.
  3. Berta

    How do I make a contribution ?

    I sent him my name and address and instructions to mail me a check. I will deposit it in the account.
  4. Berta

    Roll top desk repair..... need help

    When I worked at KraftMaid, sometimes someone, not me!, would send the new person to look for a door stretcher. My job was to send them to the basement (there wasn’t one).
  5. Berta

    Lumber prices

    I’m in...maybe
  6. Berta

    using sled with planner

    Yes, thanks Hank
  7. Berta

    using sled with planner

    Penalty Box Woodshop has the best YouTube video on this that I have seen. If I understand it I know it’s good! It explains everything perfectly. I will be building this.
  8. Berta

    How do I make a contribution ?

    You need to put 1 in that spot. You want to donate one time.
  9. Berta

    I hate to give up on a saw but...

    I am also willing to help. I went through this problem last week
  10. Berta

    I hate to give up on a saw but...

    I get it, I was ready to go back to the Dewalt. After leveling again, and rigging the knob, the bit about how to put the blade in the holder is what worked.
  11. Berta

    Craftsman small table saw. Free sold

    My son wants to get rid of his little Craftsman 10” table saw. Free. He UPGRADED to a used Ridgid jobsite saw. I will get it to whoever needs it as best as I can. This is Free. He is in Lillington. I am in Cameron. He just wants it gone. It works. It was mainly used for home improvement...
  12. Berta

    I hate to give up on a saw but...

    The Pegas is very similar to my EX21. I do get this issue sometimes. Try a couple of things 1. Is the back tension/leveling knob staying still or is it moving/shifting during cutting? (Sometimes mine moves, I put a mark on it and the saw with a white pencil to keep track, and I have a fix)...
  13. Berta

    Hello everyone

    Carving is beautiful! Welcome!
  14. Berta

    Can you cut picture frame molding?

    Do you mean MAKE the picture frame molding profiles in your post. All the layers/bits required?
  15. Berta

    Purchasing pen supply

    Pen State has whatever you need. YouTube videos for instructions too.
  16. Berta

    Relocating shop

    We saved money on the truck by driving it back to Ohio. Remember we did not have a house yet. The final move was with a trailer hooked up to our SUV. We moved ourselves. We did hire help to load up our truck with heavy machinery
  17. Berta

    Contemporary Natural Edge Sofa Table

    I really like how the leg fits in the top.
  18. Berta

    Relocating shop

    When we moved from NE Ohio to NC we rented a lift gate truck from Penske. We hired movers from 2 Men and a Truck to load the shop in to the truck. My kids were already living in NC. They brought their friends, kids etc. to help unload into a storage unit. Then when we found a house, we had to...
  19. Berta

    Wife wants...

    This sounds like a project that many of us might help with.
  20. Berta

    Creating “Toadstool” Pattern on Mission Style

    When I want to enlarge a pattern I take a copy to my local Office Depot and use the copy machine. Just costs a couple bucks.

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