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    Powermatic Model 66 Table Saw and Model 54A 6" Jointer for Sale

    No mobile base on the jointer although the one on the saw is about a year old.
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    Powermatic Model 66 Table Saw and Model 54A 6" Jointer for Sale

    Powermatic 6” Jointer Model 54A and Powermatic 10” Tilting Arbor Saw Model 66 for Sale I am the original owner selling both my Powermatic Model 66 Table Saw and Powermatic Model 54A 6”Jointer. The buyer will need either a truck with a lift or a trailer with a ramp as these two machines are in...
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    Festool systainers - $0 (Iron Station) GONE

    You can tell the size of Sys2’s by counting the number of horizontal plastic bars below the inserted paper labels on the front of the systainer, i.e., a One has one plastic bar, the Two has two plastic bars, etc. I am unsure, however, if this works with the newly released Sys3’s.
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    Asheville Hardware

    I feel your pain. My wife purchased $150 in gift cards for me for Christmas from them. Called Visa and was told I have to deal with the store. No store so I am out of luck.
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    Asheville Hardware

    Does anyone know if Asheville Hardware is still in business? I know the brick and mortar store has been closed due to COVID but it was my understanding they were still doing online sales. I tried their website this evening and got a message that the website has expired.
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    A few Festool items

    Is this the Festool #584100 or #583290?
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    The Festool CT26 is probably their most popular model dust extractor and is the one I have. You should sign up for their Recon notices where they put their various power tools that have been returned—-they have a no questions asked 30 day return policy. I have been fortunate as I have bought...
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    Do you use a biscuit joiner and if so, for what?

    Had a Porter Cable and a small RyobI but gave them to friend when I bought the Domino 500
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    Track saw question

    I have a Powermatic 66 and a Festool TS55 track saw. I just cut some 3/4” sheets of plywood as well as some poplar for a den’s worth of cabinets using only the track saw to see if I would miss the table saw. I can honestly say that the TS55 was able to do everything I needed for it to...
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    WTB - Quiet compressor advice

    I bought the Lowe’s Kobalt Quiet Tech 3/4 hp, 2 gallon compressor a few months back when it was on sale. I believe I paid $109 after using my veterans discount. it is quiet, fairly light (although I cut a small platform for it and set it in wheels. It has a 3 year warranty and is more than...
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    2" rigid foam insulation

    I bought the 2" 4x8 sheet for my track saw from Home Depot. Cut it into two 4x4 pieces with a razor knife in their parking lot then taped the two pieces with some duct tape to act as a hinge for easy storage. Works great.
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    Festool Voucher

    I could use a soon to expire Festool Voucher should you have one that you are not going to use prior to the 12/31/17 expiration date. Thank you.

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