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  1. LocoWoodWork

    Picking A New Riding Mower

    +1 on that
  2. LocoWoodWork

    Picking A New Riding Mower

    I have a Gravely 2042 ZT that came with a Kohler Courage (self destructing engine). The aluminum block cracked about 8 years after I bought it. Tore it apart and tig welded the crack (top to bottom). Motor ran for another 2-3 yrs and then came the catastrophic failure. After researching I...
  3. LocoWoodWork

    Harbor Freight - Chicago Electric Chain Saw Sharpener

    +++ I always watch PF to see what he says before making any purchases.
  4. LocoWoodWork

    Harbor Freight - Chicago Electric Chain Saw Sharpener

    I've had a HF sharpener for years. Really like it. Makes easy work to sharpen all chains at one sitting.
  5. LocoWoodWork

    Oops... only takes a second

    Seems to be working very well!!! Mr. Dust better get out of Dodge.
  6. LocoWoodWork

    Intarsia mainly

    Looks real good!
  7. LocoWoodWork

    Moving Large Logs

    Good news is that you appear to have gravity on your side. You may be able to lay two planks down from the top of the bank to the trailer and use a reverse parbuckle to control the logs roll. Anchor your chains to the base of an uphill tree. The problem I see are the small trees blocking the...
  8. LocoWoodWork

    First Attempt at Maloof Style Rocking Chair

    I just made my 3rd. Maybe one day I'll make one as nice as yours.
  9. LocoWoodWork

    Happy Birthday sawman101

    Happy 101 Sawman!
  10. LocoWoodWork

    New clamp rack

    I'm having clamp envy:p
  11. LocoWoodWork

    2020 Raffle Tickets - FINAL DAY TO PURCHASE!!

    When trying to purchase tickets I keep getting the following msg: FAILURE: ADcln - AVS Any suggestions?
  12. LocoWoodWork

    Vintage H.B. Smith Jointer - $800 (Four Oaks, NC)

    If it weren't in parts I'd already be loading it! Still tempted:D
  13. LocoWoodWork

    Finally going to finish my Maloof-style rocker!

    Just delivered mine to my brother in Raleigh yesterday. His daughter is expecting his 1st grandchild, he saw mine and said he needed a rocker. So now my 8 y/o granddaughter and I getting ready to make a replacement. Lots of work but we have fun in the workshop. Glad your getting back to yours.
  14. LocoWoodWork

    Oliver 4240 10"Jointer - $2400 (Charlotte)

    IMHO the price of a modern equivalent would be very costly and the oliver would likely outlast it. (If it's an older USA Oliver... not sure about the newer ones).
  15. LocoWoodWork

    A Willow Oak, a new chainsaw and some abandoned wood

    You have crossed the point of no return!!! Every log or tree you see will have a project in it :D
  16. LocoWoodWork

    You can only choose 3.

    Planer, but would lobby for a bandsaw as 4th option.
  17. LocoWoodWork

    170" bandsaw blade needed

    +2 for Woodcraft
  18. LocoWoodWork

    Citric acid..

    I remember my dad using pepsi to clean bug splatters and oil residue from windshields on long trips. He would pull in to a service station, tell them to fill it up and return to the car and pour pepsi all over the windshield. After a few minutes the windshield was cleaned with the squeegee.

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