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    Cedar pickets

    Does anyone where know if the cedar pickets from HD are treated with anything or just raw cedar? I'd like to use some of them for grilling...but want to make sure they aren't...
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    New Mantle Installed

    All, Well- we needed a new mantle and we got it! I bought the beam from the Barn Side of a Broad for a good price and got to work. A bit of cleanup and removal of the existing mantel and we were in business. The most awesome part of this was the smell- when you cut something like this- the...
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    Old Barnwood Beam

    The house needed a new mantle and so I went in search of something appropriate. I ended up at 'The Barn Side of a Broad' who has been mentioned here previously. Debbie and her husband were great in helping me get something that suited our needs, were great to work with and the price was right...
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    Biscuit/plate Joiner- Dewalt DW682

    *** Update ****: SOLD Used Joiner as pictured below. I've only used it a handful of times. Asking $60 cash _or_ $40 donation to this forum (NCWW).
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    another table...

    Another dining room table is done. I built a similar table (pedestal style) a while back. This one is different leg design, same top. Ash w/ dark stain. Blatantly copied design from Third Coast Craftsman ( ). The table looks pretty good, but the real success here is the justification for a...
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    What is this called and where can I buy one?

    When the moving folks dropped off my workbench as we moved from the old house to the new, somehow one of the nuts? that holds the handle in place was gone. It’s a silly question but does anyone know where I can get a rounded nut like is on one end of this handle? And do they have a more...
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    Adhesive to attach stained glass to wood

    Hi, Odd request- I have a design made from walnut that I’d like to attach a piece made of stained glass to the front of it. I’d like this to be something that lasts so I’m looking for permanent-ish solutions. I dont have access to a CNC, nor candidly the patience for manually cutting a...
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    Cherry Question

    I've never worked with Cherry I'm looking for some feedback- I bought this lumber from a well know supplier (will leave them out for now). The 4/4 cherry boards have these black/dark streaks down them. As I look around online- I see really clear wood when I look at cherry...
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    Epoxy source

    Hi all I’m looking for some inexpensive sources for epoxy. I’m building a coffee style table that will have embedded in the epoxy some sea shells, etc. the size of the table and the necessary depth of the pour will make price of the epoxy I’m looking to optimize a bit. The...
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    Finally done- Dining Table

    What seems like ages ago, I asked a few questions here about building a dining room table. What feels like years later, it is finally done. I'm grateful for the advise and expertise of this community in helping me with ideas and input. My wife, ever patient, is a happy customer. It is 84x44...
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    Byrd Tool Shelix cutterhead for Dewalt planer DW735- $209

    This looks like a steal if your looking to upgrade...
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    Soft maple for table top?

    I'm looking at a dining table project and am in the process of wood selection. Going to use a dark stain (most likely 'black' General Finishes Gel stain- I'm trying to balance wood expense...
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    Grizzly Jointer: 0855

    Hi, I'm sure I'm one of at least a few here that have a Grizzly jointer on backorder. My original order was for a 0656- 8" jointer. Current estimated date it comes off of back order is end of Jan, 2019. When looking around yesterday on their site, I saw they now have new 8" jointer models...
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    Pedestal Legs- how to??

    All, My wife has requested a large, two pedestal trestle table for our dinning room. She's found the one she likes from a design perspective. It has a beefy, single, square pedestal at each end and has lots of detail in it. For scale- the table top is 2 inches thick, making the pedestal at...
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    Hello all, again. I figured I'd re-introduce myself again here since its been a bit.... Everything from my original intro post still stands with the exception of the location- I'm now in Raleigh vs Wake Forest! Life has taken me away...
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    Plywood and MDF end grain for painting

    I'm looking for some experienced based advise on how best to treat end grain of either plywood or MDF when the end finish will be latex paint. The project: Book shelves- ply or mdf to be used for the shelves themselves. Shelve front to have an arc to them (large radius, gentle arc). Since...
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    A simple box

    I don't get much time in the shop anymore, but this weekend the weather permitted me to finally finish this box. Modeled after one that is on The Wood Whisperer. Lots of learning, skill building for sure...
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    Have the folks that run the site considered enabling TLS (ie encryption) for the site? From the looks of it, there is a certificate issued and the HTTPS version of the site simply redirects to non-HTTPS. Why? Most humans stink at password management (particularly password reuse). I'd hate...
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    Things to look for when buying a used Bandsaw

    Hi, I'm in the market for an affordable (aka Cheap) 14 inch or greater bandsaw. I've seen a few on CL and have realized, I'm not sure I know what to look for when evaluating a bandsaw beyond: a) does it 'sound right', or b) does it bounce all over the place when turned on. Anyone have any...
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    Box Hinges- quality alternative to Brusso?

    Hi, I'm building some small boxes for presents this holiday season and am looking at the hinge hardware now. Brusso seems to be top of the line, but I'm way to cheap for that. Anyone have any recommendations for quality beyond the borg, but not at the extreme of Brusso? thanks

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