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  1. Box elder bowl

    Box elder bowl

  2. Kyle

    Happy Birthday PeteM

    Happy B-day Pete!
  3. Kyle

    Custom Bass Guitar Build

    Nice looking Big Leaf and excellent craftsmanship.
  4. Kyle

    Steam My Log(s)?

    Steaming of Walnut should be a crime. You cannot steam in the log but rather after kiln drying. The optimal temp for steaming is 180F and 100% RH. The effluent from the steaming process is a pollutant in every state as it contains Juglone, a herbicide.
  5. Kyle

    Paging Scott Smith...Mr Scott Smith....

    Redwoods will cast off shoots and create new stands of trees if not processed so it won't go to waste but create biome for animals and new trees that will be here in a 1000 years.
  6. Kyle

    Happy Birthday Steve Coles

    Happy B-day. May you have many more healthy years.
  7. Kyle

    Greenman carving

    Nice work Pete!
  8. Kyle

    Looking for a slab

    Some of my $800 kiln dried Curly crotch Black Walnut slabs are available as are the 48" wide x 9' silver maple and Deodor cedar slabs. Lots of 20" wide but I am almost as far as Asheville.
  9. Kyle

    BBQ October 15th

    Good turn out! Good eats and good weather. We missed those that couldn't come.
  10. Kyle

    BBQ October 15th

    I will be having a BBQ on October 15 th for the Charlotte Woodturning group from 10-2. It will be focused on how to prepare a blank, but a slabbing and sawing demonstration will be given as well. Organic smoked Tamworth pork from Grateful Growers (Denver NC) will be served and a variation on...
  11. Kyle

    Happy Birthday Kyle!

    thanks all..sawed Roak all day and didn't sweat like a farm animal to boot. Nice weather!
  12. Kyle

    Natural edge bowls

    Harvest the logs after the sap drops.
  13. Kyle

    Walnut Quarantine

    California, Oregon, Washington, Tennessee already has a ban for the whole state for green log or lumber. Unfortunately people will not abide by the regulations and it will continue spread despite the band aid application of quarantine. The same issue is happening with Emerald Ash borer which is...
  14. Kyle

    I Need Some Time on a Belt Sander

    I have a 50" available if you want to bring it down.
  15. Kyle

    Wood Species

  16. Kyle

    Walnut Wanted

    Have plenty of logs and have been sawing for kiln drying this fall.
  17. Kyle

    Need some Red Maple??

    Its red maple, but may be hollow from that open limb entrance.
  18. Kyle

    Slabbing a Red Maple Burl Log

    It is fun and the 48" diameter Deodor Cedar is next!
  19. Kyle

    Slabbing a Red Maple Burl Log

    Here is a Red Maple Burl Log I slabbed out last week.. pretty nice material. Widest point was 36", 91 long and had burl, curl and birdseye to the pith. and the actual slabbing..
  20. Kyle

    Is this birch good for lumber?

    < 10" = firewood or rustic furniture legs or turning. Not good for lumber as it is immature reaction wood. Red River birch sawn properly is very nice lumber.

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