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    Electrical options of r setting up a new shop

    If you do by chance run power from the house to the garage AND wish to run the suggest Cat6 cable for internet from the house then it's suggested that the internet cable is buried in a separate line with at least 12" separation from the power lines & and even more if possible to mitigate...
  2. J

    NC State Parks Map

    Great project ! We too have our kids trying to hit all of the parks. We've hit 18 thus far. Does your ma have the new Pisgah Mtn park ? I think so since you said 41... NC has some wonderful parks and people managing them. I'd like to send you some baltic birch ply to have one made if you're...
  3. J

    Forest Woodworker ll

    So sorry for your injury. I know you're already having a time with health and this certainly doesn't help. Will pray for your rapid healing.
  4. J

    Great video for finishing tips (includes what to look for in upholstered furniture)

    Enjoy ! I'm working on a project now where I'll learn the answer to this shortly, and many of you I'm sure already know, but they didn't talk about finishes, dyes or stains when the surface is not sanded but just smoothed via hand plane. My guess is the dye penetration and finishing (top coat)...
  5. J

    Plane blade test

    I would think there could be an edge rollover test where the contact angle of the edge of the blade is measured as it relates to the measurement substrate and the amount of force required to roll the edge by a certain amount. Can microscopically measure contact angle and one should be able to...
  6. J

    Reboring Dogholes - Thoughts ?

    Follow up/status: Just a small sliver of blue painters tape on the loose dogs seems to work perfectly to tighten them but still allow them to function moving them up & down in the doghole. The Rockler Drill Guide has indexing pins you can use to register sides of the substrate it sits on...
  7. J

    Reboring Dogholes - Thoughts ?

    Good call for sure
  8. J

    Reboring Dogholes - Thoughts ?

    I appreciate all of the feedback / suggestions. For the slightly loose dogs I'll first try the tape idea and wait to see what happens in the spring or if I get tired of it get those bullet catches. Also thanks for the wax / holdfast watch out. If I ever decide to use the holdfasts in the...
  9. J

    Reboring Dogholes - Thoughts ?

    Thanks for the thoughts (maybe I missed your points) but the issue here is mis-drilled initial holes (not all of them) on my part. The others work perfectly. The idea/concept of the MDF top with dog holes came from Rob Cosman’s design after a lot of use/testing over the years so I am not...
  10. J

    Reboring Dogholes - Thoughts ?

    A few months ago I built a MDF (4 layers of 3/4") work bench to have a flatter & much sturdier work surface than I had before. It's been wonderful working on but I messed up drilling by hand a few of the dog holes & holdfast holes. I believe part of the issue was using very old/dull 3/4"...
  11. J

    Jet Parallel Clamps at Klingspor's WS

    Just letting everyone know that Klingspor's in WS has Jet parallel clamps (24 & 31") 2pk on sale pretty close to 2 for the price of 1 !!!
  12. J

    Dust collection in a small shop

    Here's your solution I believe....but you may need to jump on it !
  13. J

    Dust collection in a small shop

    My plan and thus pricing is to have 6" ducting as far as I can and this likely includes making mods to equipment to accept larger ports. Size Item Cost each ($) Notes 6 in. Spiral straight pipe 10ft (24ga) $30.00 local HVAC supply 6 in. couplers/adapters to join straights $6.67 local HVAC...
  14. J

    Dust collection in a small shop

    My last shop was a 14x24 (had 8.5ft ceilings) and i too stopped woodworking until I installed adequate dust collection for health reasons. Budget (remember ducting) & ceiling height (garage shouldn't an issue though) will be factors for sure but like SawStop users like to say the cost of the...
  15. J

    Hand Cut Joinery Practice Projects

    Thanks for all of the positive feedback !
  16. J

    Hand Cut Joinery Practice Projects

    Thanks for the coaching/class I attended. I'm still making sure to use both left & right hands when sawing dovetails like you suggested
  17. J

    Hand Cut Joinery Practice Projects

    I've been using this COVID lock down time (working from home) to practice my hand cut joinery (between meetings ;)). I was tired of having to get all of my tools out of storage when needed and decided to make small tool totes. One for my router plane set, one for my hand planes and one to house...
  18. J

    Harvey Woodworking Machinery

    Following up here to note that months ago I submitted a question via Harvey's website to see if they have plans to launch jointers and planers as well but never heard back. Anyone know the answer ?
  19. J

    Standing shave horse

    Mike, I came across this Highland Woodworker video earlier this year and noted the very different style shave horse the moves to at the ~29:52min mark in this video. I cannot find photos or plans for what he calls this "Appalachian Style Shave Horse" but rather only ever see the standard style...
  20. J

    Upholstered Furniture Building Help

    Ha ha ha yeah that's a good thought

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