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  1. pop-pop

    End vise finishing touches

    A couple of thoughts: 1. Shorten the block height by the rounding radius. 2. Convert the rounding to a small chamfer and make a matching chamfer on the block.
  2. pop-pop

    End vise finishing touches

    For the dog, I’d suggest a tough hardwood like ash. Cut a dado for clearance in your chop and then make a housing for the dog to support it against the clamping force. The housing could be a block of hardwood with a dado to fit around the dog and a couple of screws to fasten it to the chop...
  3. pop-pop

    Name That Item and what they are used for.

    They could be repurposed as corn on the cob holders.
  4. pop-pop

    Sanding frame for DeWalt 430/431 belt sander - free

    This sanding frame is a useful accessory for this belt particular sander when sanding panels. I don’t think the frame would fit any other than this exact model. The dead sander is included for parts. Replacement parts for this sander are extremely hard to find.
  5. pop-pop

    Vise workshop second prototype

    Another inexpensive vise screw is a repurposed scaffold leveling jack. Widely available at widely varying prices.
  6. pop-pop

    Vise workshop second prototype

    The screw and nuts are from a 14” dumbbell handle. With COVID, these are sometimes hard to get. I ordered some from Walmart last week (limit 4) for $6.87 each and now they are out of stock again. They don’t last long in the stores either.
  7. pop-pop

    Sketchup Question

    Many printers have margins they won’t print into. Sometimes the margins can be set to 0. I’d recommend first doing what your doing into an 8 x 13-1/2 rectangle and see if that helps.
  8. pop-pop

    Ruobo bench model joint

    Ok. I’ll drop it off.
  9. pop-pop

    Ruobo bench model joint

    I was going to discard this then thought it might help someone. Before I made my Ruobo bench (from the first Schwarz workbench book) I made this full-size practice joint of a leg & rails plus the leg-top mortise and the sliding deadman bevel. It was handy to refer to and might help some else...
  10. pop-pop

    Shooting board plane

    Seems like one would flatten the sole first and reference off that surface on the milling machine.
  11. pop-pop

    Top hat separator usage comment

    Tinkered with my top hat separator drop slot today. I tried a ramp at the trailing end of the drop slot and picked up this pile of hand-plane shavings. This amount of shavings got caught. The trailing end of my drop slot is under the inlet housing and now I wish I had spent the $ for...
  12. pop-pop


    Circle cutter for a brace sans beam & cutter?
  13. pop-pop

    Top hat separator usage comment

    Thls discussion has prompted a “what if” experiment. Since the shavings are catching on 3/4” or so vertical surface, would a ramp at that point help? I chopped about a 45 degree ramp (probably angled the wrong way) where the shavings were catching. Here is what happened with a couple of...
  14. pop-pop

    Top hat separator usage comment

    Mine is “sucked” by a Ridgid 14 gallon shop with a cartridge filter. Also, added a bag in the vacuum to protect the cartridge when the top hat bucket fills. Note that I wrote “when” not “if”, it will happen. IMO, the vacuum having a 2-1/2“ hose is more important than either the gallonage or...
  15. pop-pop

    Top hat separator usage comment

    This thread on my top hat separator from nearly three years ago is closed for comments. It has worked quite nicely except it does not play well with handplane shavings (not even gossamer ones:)).
  16. pop-pop

    Sliding leg vise with X cross

    That was my thinking exactly. Total is now $.04.
  17. pop-pop

    Sliding leg vise with X cross

    A design deficiency popped up today in my sliding leg vise installation. I had used the existing deadman groove in the bottom of the benchtop for the sliding leg vise leg tenon. Today, I was holding a piece of 8/4 on the flat so it was in between the chop and the benchtop. The screw’s nut...
  18. pop-pop

    Vise workshop second prototype

    Looks like four lobes has a slight edge since the deeper cutout gives one just a bit more purchase for the final snugging. The advantage is slight but quite tangible. Also note the nice long grain edge surface on the handwheel on the left. I glued it up as an end-grain butcher block.
  19. pop-pop

    Handles are too short

    As an octogenarian, I’m finding more and more handle levers are now too short to tighten securely. Today‘s extension was to a cross-slide vise. I have added these ad-hoc and probably should make a matching set someday.
  20. pop-pop

    Results of dust collection mods to Ridgid contractor saw

    Clever idea to box the motor rather than trying to seal the cabinet opening for the motor & belt.

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