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    Did I obsolete half my saw blades?

    I don't understand why saws can't run full kerf blades. My Delta contractor's run full kerfs all the time. One saw has 1.5HP motor and other has 2.0HP motor.
  2. J

    3 x 24 sanding belts

    Latest Klingspor catalog, which arrived today has them. The rule of thumb is: "If it has to do with sanding, Klingspor is the go to place. Great sponsor, knowledable sales staff, and if it's not in stock, they can get it for you PRONTO!
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    Finally Finished our Kitchen table

    Don't let only having a 6" jointer hold you back. Watch the you tubes on jointing wider boards on a 6" jointer
  4. J

    Preferred miter slot router bit?

    Google "Making your own T tracks." Lots of good info in you tube video
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    Best thought out sled ideas

    Watched that video last night. Great sled and video. However, Steven needs to watch Jerry cole's video on the DUBBY. He shows simple way to figure picture frames. While Steven's jig does perfect nineties (so does the DUBBY,) have him try to make a seven sided picture frame. The DUBBBY can. I...
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    Harbor Freight's New Discount Policy

    Harbor Freight is no longer doing printed coupons, only digital. Each Thursday a new set of items go one sale. This week, their digital ad features a 10% off digital coupon for anything in the store, no restrictions. Just an FYI
  7. J

    Free Table Saw

    I see it has those special finger trimmer table extensions. Thought I wanted a set till I got a set.
  8. J

    3" C-Clamp differences.

    Kreg used to have a series of videos on trimming out houses, and yes they did use pocket screws for stair treads, rather than buying treads complete.
  9. J

    Preferred miter slot router bit?

    MLSC is the ones I have used. No matter what size shank, they all neck down to about 1/4" at cutter. That's why they break so easily.
  10. J

    Router lift?

    I'm currently looking at building the ShopNotes (Issue 121) / Woodsmith router lift. Several videos on construction on Youtube Seems simple enough to build. Only majior change I planning is to use Stumpy Nubs idea of boxing it in for DC.
  11. J

    Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Closed Sunday Feb 28th 2021 - All Locations

    Just think, by the time you get all the "bugs" worked out, there will be a newer system waiting the wings to replace this system. Good luck on the transition
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    Dado jig - 'exact width'

    I go a different route. Having made thousands of feet of cubbies for local "Y's", I have cut more than my share of dados. I use a piece of 1/4" plywood with a fence (3/4 stock) attached. Use the router to trim plywood to exactly where the bit cuts, similar to making a saw guide. Use them in...
  13. J

    Preferred miter slot router bit?

    The bits I have used worked best if I removed the center part with a dado blade, or straight router bit. Then the T slot bit only has to remove the side cuts. There isn't much "meat" where the T cutter meets the shank cutter. Easy to break. DAMHIK, but I do. Couple nights ago was watching a you...
  14. J

    Annual Picnic Date revised

    Sounds good to me!
  15. J

    Router lift?

    With a plunge router, look at the Router Razor. Several you tubes on building a router lift also. Take the money you would spend on a lift and get a plunge router. You can make your own plate for you existing router.
  16. J

    Anyone have a JSG-6DC 6" x 48" Belt / 12" Disc Sander

    Last night while cruising thru Wood Magazine's tips, saw one on DC for a belt sander. Basically just a piece of PVC pipe cut open to fit around roller on belt sander, then connected to DC.
  17. J

    Three Cut Method for Squaring Fence on a Table Saw Sled

    Phil, create your own. Make it 24" if you need. Google 3 cut method for table saw sled. When you see how it's done, it will be a "Smack to the forehead, I could have had a V-8" moment." I stiil have a red bruise from when I first saw this yesterday.
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    How to fix this gutter? Basement flooding

    In my working years, I absolutely refused to install the corrugated black pipe. It was a problem waiting to happen. Every time the drain pipe made a turn, we installed a clean out
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    Three Cut Method for Squaring Fence on a Table Saw Sled

    Most of us are familiar with the five cut method of squaring fence on table saw sled. But, do you know there is a three cut method, which could actually become a two cut method. Simply place a piece of plywood on sled after squaring fence a lose as possible. Make a cut on right side, then flip...
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    How to fix this gutter? Basement flooding

    Last photo. Move down spout to end of gutter, and run it all the way to the ground, and into drainage pipe. As for clogged gutters, I recommend Leaf Guard gutters. Yes they do cost more, but they never have to be cleaned. About fifteen years ago, I had to replace a facia board (carpenter bee...

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