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    Adirondack Chairs

    Found a good source for cypress. Got around to making a couple more chairs for the deck.
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    Floating Cabinet

    Finally got around to cleaning up all the wires underneath the TV.
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    Wanted to Buy

    Currently looking for 110 Long Ranger remote blast gate controller by Pennstate. It is the one that you hook up the gates to the controller with a wire, and contact switch. Thanks
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    Spring cleaning

    Need to get rid of a few items: Harbor Freight dust collector still in box - 150.00 Central machinery trim router with bits - 30.00 Ryobi saw, sander, light, and charger - 30.00 for all Skill screw driver - 15.00 for both with chargers Craftsman circular saw with blades - 20.00 Craftsman belt...
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    Oak Flooring

    Guys I have about 500-600 sq feet of oak flooring that was pulled up from my church. All the nails have been removed. I was going to use it for my new shop but have decided to go in a different direction. It is free to anyone who wants it. Need to get it out of the shop asap. Let me know so I...
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    Shop Build

    It has taken a long time to get this project off the ground but here is goes. Had all the plans drawn up and approved by Chatham County by Jan 1. Had to wait out the monsoon season, and finally got the foundation done in mid April. This is where I am at as of today. Starting the electrical...
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    Plans needed

    I am looking to build Norms miter bench and storage unit in my new workshop. Was wondering if anybody has an extra set of plans hanging around that they don't need anymore. Thanks...MK
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    Desk finally done

    This took a while. My daughter is pleased.
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    For the game room

    I finally got around to making my poker table for the game room. Can't wait to put it to good use. Mk
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    Desk finally done

    View image in gallery Well I finally finished the desk, and it is on to the dresser. I feel like it takes forever to finish a project. MK View image in gallery
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    It pays to go to Auctions

    Found this at an auction in Bear Creek last week. Calculated out to about 650 bd ft. All walnut, cut down and milled and stacked to dry about 4-5 years ago. Just sitting in the back yard. A steal at under 500.00. Now I can build that bar....MK View image in gallery
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    Finally started

    My son has been after me to make his bedroom furniture. Started with the nightstands. Desk, dresser, and book cases are next. Time to get busy. All made out of Alder. MK View image in gallery
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    Workshop Progress

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery Well, we built the house thre View image in gallery e years ago with a dedicated area for the shop. As you can see, did not have much to start with. Things have come along nicely since...
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    Acrylic Question

    I am making a Sierra pen out of Orca Acrylic, white with balck highlights. The gold color of the pen tube shows through the acrylic when done. What is the trick other than go to a darker color...Thanks...MK
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    New Member

    Hi everyone, new member here. I have been reading the site for some time now, and after meeting Roger, aka Sapwood, at the gym, how could I not join. I have been doing woodworking off and on for some time now and finally have been able to attempt to finish my shop. Looking forward to being...

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