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  1. smallboat

    Looking for #1 or Clear 4x4 Western Red Cedar

    Hardwood Store in Gibsonville lists it. See their ad here.
  2. smallboat

    Plane Hammer

    Even nicer than the one I made from a galvanized plumbing Tee!
  3. smallboat

    Forest Woodworker ll

    Wishing you a rapid recovery.
  4. smallboat

    Back burner project

    Mike - Thanks for the kind comments. This is the cherry chunk you passed on to me a few years ago. I used my regular tools that I use to do the undercut rims on bowls like this. Just went the other direction. "Cored out" may have been an overstatement. Here's the lid and handle. Final handle...
  5. smallboat

    Back burner project

    A while back I was gifted a chunk of Cherry burl that was the definition of gnarly. It was too big for my lathe so I shaved about 1" all around and set it up on a face plate. As I cleaned it up it looked pretty interesting but I discovered that by mounting it by the most solid portion I created...
  6. smallboat

    Post please...!

    It's been a string of little projects. Most significant was a new base for my little Craftsman saw. Kind of a silk purse from a sow's ear but I seem to do a lot of that. Much more stable than the stand it came with. Mike Davis may recognize those casters. Attempted dust collection and a safe...
  7. smallboat

    Standing shave horse

    Nylon ropes will be stretchy, Dacron will be low stretch. There's fancy braids now that incorporate Kevlar or other aramid fibers for even less stretch but I don't think they're what you're looking for. Short answer. Dacron
  8. smallboat

    Progress on my MAME machine

    Backlit header and the logo are nice touches. had. A student build one of these a few years back. Had to take it down this year. Can’t have kids congregating at the arcade these days.
  9. smallboat

    Wood allergies?

    I was doing some light sanding on a cherry burl bowl this afternoon. While cooking dinner I realized my lips are tingly. (No jalapeños in the dinner but that’s the sensation). This has me wondering if I’m reacting to the sanding dust.
  10. smallboat

    20" Planer in Wilmington!!

    "it weighs a couple hundred pounds". just a few.
  11. smallboat

    After a Brutal 2020 - Here's to 2021 starting out with a Laugh

    we are all now blessed with 2020 hind sight
  12. smallboat

    Interesting Butcher Block request

    Treat it like your floating shelves. Structural core and endgrain shell. Guess Oka said the same...
  13. smallboat

    Jointer Damage

    I think I can see the nick in the blade. Hate that happened but glad you're ok. I've been making every possible shop mistake myself this week. Maybe we're getting 2020 out of the system.
  14. smallboat

    How long was your longest project?

    I thought I had a contender but it only dates from Jan.1 2018.
  15. smallboat

    Anybody know what these are?

    Thanks, I'll be repurposing things I have laying around, so my wooden parts will most likely depend on what they are tying together. I do have a copy of an old Fine Woodworking publication on building shop machines. I'll refer to that to make sure I haven't overlooked some important feature.
  16. smallboat

    Anybody know what these are?

    That explains it!
  17. smallboat

    Anybody know what these are?

    Tried logging out, closing browser app, restart app, log in, open conversations, clicked "start new conversation", in draft clicked "start conversation"- same error. Is there a way to close/ delete that draft message and try again?
  18. smallboat

    Anybody know what these are?

    tried that- still getting the same "oops" message
  19. smallboat

    Anybody know what these are?

    Neal- I just tried that. Logged all the way out and signed back in. Still no joy.
  20. smallboat

    Anybody know what these are?

    Good thought Mike, but it still won't allow. Hopefully Chris can reach me.

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