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    General suggestion For all in the thread

    I think it was Hank who posted about wanting to get a book. If I remember correctly it was 42 bucks, there someone had found a site where you could get a PDF of it. Anyway, that site had one of those just sign up and verify who you are with a credit card. Now, some of these sites are legit and...
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    New Circuit Tester

    Thinking about marketing these, real effective tester. Been practicing my forklift skills too !
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    Old Wood - New Wood

    I did some modifications on the house and decided to share the old wood I took out vs the new wood framing material. 1st off, The house is almost 50 years old (48.5). The person who built the house was a Japanese carpenter, so there are a lot of cool joinery in it. But, the biggest thing is the...
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    Chisel sharpener

    I decided to make a sharpener like one I once saw. So I made this during commercials while watching TV. It actually works ok. I really need it for setting the angle correctly when a chisel needs rework. Anyway, all from junk I have in the shop. Epoxy'd the threads so they do not move. I have a...
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    Chest of Drawers/Dresser In Sapele

    I actually started this before Christmas. Progress went quick until I got to the finish. Then last 3 weeks, the rains and humidity have been extreme, making it impossible to spray. In the last 4 weeks we eclipsed 38 inches of rain. As I write this it is raining...... again ........ :rolleyes...
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    Ohia Wood

    There are a few woods that are common to Pacific Islands Most known is Koa, then I guess Monkey Pod (both part of the Acacia family) Kiawe (Kee-ah-vey Mesquite family though originally from South America) and there are others. One type is the Ohia (Part of the Myrtle family) Ohia is about 30%...
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    Afternoon Repurpose of broken saw

    Being a kid of a parent that went through the depression, some of the habit rubbed off on me. One of my Japanese saws (a Dozuki Saw) had damage to a few of the teeth, right where you use them most. So I bought the replacement blade but couldn't bring my self to toss the old blade as there was a...
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    Rust Removal

    Living in Hawaii, things rust fast...... super fast. Trivia, and surprise, when I was living in Oahu things rusted much faster than here on the big Island. About a year ago I bought a piece of 1/4" steel for making a sanding disc. I decided not use it as I thought it would be too heavy for the...
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    OK, I like Gizmo tools BUT .....

    I get Bridge City ads from time to time. The latest is cool, but does anyone really need a jig that makes pencils ? that costs 700 buckaroos !?!?! Pencil Making Jig only 699.00
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    Free Metal Find

    I know it is not woodworking per se, but we do use metal from time to time. In Hawaii, misc. steel and structural tube/angle is expensive. Anyway, Tractor Supply has ATV's they sell and when they come in they are on an 8'x8' frame. Free for the taking, if you do not have a large pickup, then...
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    After a Brutal 2020 - Here's to 2021 starting out with a Laugh

    Before I continue, let me apologize in advance for the Pun-ishment Here are 3 puns for 2021: 1. There once was a midget king standing just at 12" tall. He abused his kingdom and his subjects therein. Although he was a terrible king, he made a great ruler ! :rolleyes: 2. Two Cowboys were lost...
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    Jet 14" Bandsaw blade guard side play

    I got this saw off of Craig's when someone was leaving the island, so it was a good deal, But, the blade guard has always had side p[lay to the point that I would have to hold it and tighten it down to get it centered. Totally lame design, no adjustment I could find to remove the side play. So I...
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    My New DeWalt 735x Planer Arrived !

    OK, 23 days from order to arrival. All the way to Hilo, Hawaii........ In Hawaii-Amazon prime is your friend Anyway, the 735x comes with the dust adapter port, extra set of blades and the out feed tables. The only engineering hiccup they did on this machine is the back outfeed table cannot...
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    Tearout fix suggestions

    This is Mahogany. When I was spraying the sanding sealer this little chip/tearout reared its ugly head. I didn't catch it in the prep, so now I need to see if there is a fix I can use to minimize the appearance of this. It is on the face frame and some will be covered by the drawer, but to me...
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    Old Nailer

    I saw this at the Restore today, looks like a 1960's coil nailer. Bostitch. This thing had to weigh about 8 lbs crazy heavy............ I think they wanted 20 bucks for it, yeah I passed on this relic. Did get about 250 ft of 1/4" stainless cable for 9 bucks though........ ;) :cool:
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    1940 Video of woodworking

    This is interesting. What I found fascinating are all the power tools, There is a worm driven saw, a hand held router, etc. It makes you realize 80-90 years ago they were using many of the same tools we use today. Albeit, I am sure ours are lighter. The Video was done by Iowa state college...
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    Sanding sealer / wood prep

    Curious, when I prep wood to stabilize the surface, depending, I use a couple of methods: 1. Very thinned out shellac then sand, then wipe with Alcohol damp cloth 2. Naphtha or Mineral spirits + linseed oil or a combination of both. Just depends on wood and application. The reason I am...
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    Wood work vs Metal work

    Besides doing Woodwork, some of us here do Metalwork as well. I do my fair share in spurts depending on the needs of a job. To that end, whenever I am doing woodworking I am sure that 80% of all the work is sanding - :oops: I started to make this as humor but, when I got thinking about it and...
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    Happy Thanksgiving to All

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I know this has been a really tough year, if I had to give a yelp review 2020 would get 1 star .... but - I am very thankful that we all are here pounding wood into things it would not be otherwise. Also, Happy for interaction and internet friendship. I am...
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    Blast from the Past Saw Blade

    Forgot I had this, so I loaded it up on my saw. I got this in the 80's thinking 1985-ish. Anyway, pretty sure I got it to trim down a door....... not. Nah just curiosity I think this is the 3rd time I used it. The pix speak for themselves. It does cut a radius and you can side swale out wood...

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